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How artificial intelligence can help improve military readiness today


In July 1950, a small group of American soldiers called Task Force Smith were all that stood in the way of an advance of North Korean armor. The soldiers' only anti-armor weapons were bazookas left over from World War II. The soldiers of Task Force Smith quickly found themselves firing round after round of bazooka ammunition into advancing North Korean T-34s only to see them explode harmlessly on the heavily armored tanks. Within seven hours, 40 percent of Task Force Smith were killed or wounded, and the North Korean advance rolled on.1 The shortcomings of the bazooka were no surprise. However, budget cutbacks after World War II scuttled adoption of an improved design.

How AI and Big Data Are Changing Customer's Experience


Technology is altering the lives of people and thus changing all business practices and operations. As a result, every industry is now focusing on adopting new and innovative technologies in their business ventures. The customer service industry is no exception in this case as it has turned into a unique turning point for businesses. Now, customers are having access to the product information as businesses have access to the customer data and other means of reaching their customers. Thus, it has become necessary for business organizations to offer an engaging and useful customer service experience in all aspects.

Top Artificial Intelligence Platforms for 2020


An AI Platform enables businesses to achieve their maximum efficiency by providing numerous benefits, such as taking over redundant tasks, providing deeper insights into data for better decisions, providing efficient data management capabilities, and much more. With businesses continually looking for ways to streamline their output, AI-powered platforms come as a godsend for them. Recent innovations in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have not only allowing organizations to scale their business with the growing needs but also supplied them with the much-needed insight to do so. Through this article, we would like to shed some light on 10 of the most brilliant AI platforms available that are empowering businesses with smart capabilities. Google offers a broad range of services to businesses that enable them to carry out their operations from the cloud, such as smoother migration to their platform with pre-configured tools, data storage services, management tools, some of the best in class security features, and much more.

Connecting data, artificial intelligence and human insight


Kim Custeau, senior vice president of asset performance management and manufacturing execution systems at AVEVA, explains why performance intelligence will be critical in a post-pandemic industrial world that demands organisations develop a high level of agility, sustainability and resilience. Why is performance intelligence a critical focus today? The global big data and analytics market is growing at lightening pace and projected to be worth $274 billion by 2022. Staying ahead of the curve requires a new understanding of the scope and scale of industrial information to leverage that data effectively. Insight into industrial information from edge to enterprise reduces downtime, production costs and energy consumption, allowing organisations to optimise resources and drive sustainability.

Data Warehouse, Data Lake, Data Mart, Data Hub A Definition of Terms


In today's business environment, most organizations are overwhelmed with data and looking for a way to tame the data overload and make it more manageable to help team members gather and analyze data and make the most of the information contained within the walls of the enterprise. When a business enters the domain of data management, it can often get lost in a morass of terms and concepts and find it nearly impossible to sort through the confusion. Without a clear understanding of the various categories and iterations of data management options, the business may make the wrong choice or become so mired in the review process that it will give up its quest. This article is the first of two on the topic of Data Management. Here, we will define the various terms so that a business can more easily understand the types of data management solutions and tools.