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In the face of increasing cyber threats and attacks on some SEA states, ASEAN via the ADMM Plus (the ten Southeast Asian countries along with the United States, China, Australia, India, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand and Russia) has formally initiated a cyber security working group. The formation of this working group is an important step towards regional cooperation in tackling cyber threats but cyber attacks continue at an increasing rate namely in cybercrimes and cyber espionage. Increasing terrorist usage of cyber technology to conduct intelligence operations, information warfare, and sabotage poses one of the greatest risks for ASEAN members today and in the near future. While cybercrime and recreation hacking can be countered by dedicated police action, dedicated cyber attacks by well-organized terrorist groups may become a new security risk for all ASEAN members. This article will discuss within the context of countering cyber terrorism and propose ways for ASEAN to collaborate within the defence community to counter cyber terrorists.

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Cyber security is a very complicated field that requires domain specific expertise. We have many good cyber security experts in India and other jurisdictions who are incessantly fighting against sophisticated and novel cyber attacks on daily basis. There are many good cyber security products and services too that can prove really handy in times of crisis. However, law and legal policies are always behind the technology in general and cyber law and cyber security in particular. These fields need yearly review and modification that are not done even for decades.

Maybe Wall Street Has the Solution to Stopping Cyber Attacks


The next American president will be tasked with deterring foreign government-sponsored cyber attacks against US citizens and companies. And under the current system, that task will be next to impossible. Cyber war is on the rise, from Russian cyber soldiers knocking out the power grid in Ukraine to Iranian hackers compromising American dams to Chinese agents stealing trade secrets from U.S. defense, technology, and pharmaceutical companies (to say nothing of the theft of millions of records from the Office of Personnel Management). President Obama has threatened to retaliate against egregious cyber attacks with bombs and missiles, but as a former military man myself, I don't think even a President Trump would have the gall to actually push the button. Nathan Bruschi is a David M. Rubenstein Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Business School specializing in technology security issues.

A New Mindset: Viewing Cyber As An Enabler Of Business Growth And Innovation Driver


Historically, cyber has been viewed as a preventative program – one that mitigates threats to existing technologies and infrastructure1. However, as the corporate landscape and world becomes more connected, the importance of cyber has become unparalleled. As the corporate landscape and world becomes more connected, the importance of cyber has become unparalleled. To put it into perspective, the cost of financing a cyberattack is only US$34, while the cost to the business affected is much greater, reaching upwards of millions of dollars2. The financial implications can be staggering, yet businesses view cyber just as an IT issue.

Cybersecurity Trends and CyberVision : 2015 - 2025


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