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NAB and CommBank plagued by weekend banking outages


The National Australia Bank (NAB) and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) have apologised to customers after both banks experienced outages at the weekend. NAB confirmed that it suffered a nationwide systems failure as a result of power being cut to its mainframe. "We had a series of failures today that emanated from a power issue, and it isolated our mainframe. It's an incredibly rare event, but what it did is it took a number of hours for our technicians to be able to bring our systems back up," NAB Business executive general manager Cindy Batchelor told journalists on Saturday. "When the power goes into the systems, there was a disconnect there that impacted a number of our systems, which provide services to our customers."

ATO resolves 'intermittent issues' affecting its online services, again


The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has resolved the issues affecting its online services on Monday in yet another service disruption since it first experienced its "one of a kind" SAN outage in December 2016. The ATO took to Twitter at 11.36am AEST on Monday to tell users its online services, including myTax and other online portals, were experiencing "intermittent issues", with another tweet at 4.42pm AEST confirming its services were back up and running. "The issue affecting our online services has now been resolved, and all services are available. Thanks for your patience today," the ATO wrote. The taxation office has suffered a handful of IT-related incidents spanning the past 10 months, from HPE SAN outages to mainframe reboots it performed in July.

Head in three clouds: ANAO finds ATO contracts missing service commitments


The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has once again found itself the centre of an investigation, following a tumultuous 18 months of IT-related incidents and systems outages plaguing the agency.

The Evolution of Self-Driving IT Ops


Self-driving cars are making headlines every day; the future being envisioned as a car that runs itself, maintains itself, sends alerts when help is needed, and prevents accidents. While opinions of a self-driving car vary from excitement about simplifying the daily commute to "no way would I ever put total control in the hands of a machine," the concept gives rise to thoughts about self-driving data centers. What would they look like and how would they change IT as we know it? Reports indicate that enterprises are losing $21.8 million per year on average in downtime and 87 percent expect this to increase1. For organizations that are trying to manage and optimize increasingly complex hybrid IT environments that span mainframe and multi-cloud infrastructures, could evolving to a self-driven data center provide the keys to driving smarter, faster IT operations and preventing downtime?

BMC's Predictions for 2018 – BMC Blogs


Multi-Cloud is the new reality – be ready for it: Most companies are preparing to deploy multi-cloud technologies at scale in 2018, but few are ready to effectively manage and secure a more distributed virtual infrastructure. Our research shows that 40% of IT leaders don't even know how much their organizations are spending on public cloud. The good news is that 80% also acknowledge that managing multi-cloud requires new approaches, such as using AI and machine learning. Digital Transformation accelerates: Digital Transformation has been a buzzword for the past few years, but how many companies have really gone through a redefining transformation? Or are they just optimizing their core IT assets and bringing in new innovations to enable speed and agility?