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Cisco partners with bot makers Gupshup and


Cisco announced a partnership Monday with bot-building platforms Gupshup and that allows thousands of bots to quickly join Cisco Spark and Cisco Tropo platforms. It also turns up the intensity in competition between enterprise team communication chat apps like Skype and Slack. The announcement was made during Cisco Live, a four-day Cisco event taking place in Las Vegas this week. Gupshup built an SMS social network of more than 50 million users, mainly in India, before becoming an enterprise messaging service company in 2010. Today, it processes four billion messages a month.

Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO) Partners with Gupshup And For Bot Revolution


Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO) has announced a partnership with Gupshup and with the purpose of creating a fully integrated cloud-based collaborative service. The announcement was made during Cisco Live! 2016. Following this announcement, we expect to see thousands of bots quickly joining Cisco Spark and Cisco Tropo platforms. The collaboration will also turn up the intensity of competition between team communication chat apps, the likes of Slack and Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)'s Skype. Before Gupshup became an enterprise messaging service company in 2010, it had created an SMS social network of more than 50 million users, mainly in India.

Gupshup partners with Amazon to set up .BOT domain name registry - Times of India


CHENNAI: Bots platform Gupshup has partnered with Amazon Registry Services to enable its customers to validate their bots and register a domain name with Amazon's .BOT Registry. With this, bot developers and operators can be found by relevant customers. Not only will companies be able to showcase their published bot with a .BOT domain name across multiple channels, but they will also be able to use their .BOT identity to get discovered without getting lost in the noise. The .BOT registry is a community dedicated to all voice and text bots and offers anyone with a responsive bot domain names that create brand new identities and specialised places for bots to reside. Users who own, operate, and manage bots published using Gupshup's tool will be able to be discovered by end users, irrespective of the platform they use, and stand out in a crowded chatbot market.

Why Brands From Barbie to Uber Are So Hot on Chatbots


"I think it's safe to say that this is the year of the bot," said CEO Beerud Sheth of messaging platform Gupshup. Richard Smullen says a painfully long wait for a Delta Air Lines customer service rep inspired him to join the world of artificial intelligence. One night about a year ago, having grown tired of waiting for a phone operator to change his flight, he turned to the airline's mobile app--only to find he had to scroll through pages upon pages, unable to get what he needed. In the middle of a formal dinner at the time, he decided it would be faster just to message his sister and have her do it for him. It took her two minutes.

There Can Be No Denying It: Bots Are Now Marketers


With the rise of conversational experiences, just about every business function--from marketing to commerce to support--must be redesigned to be conversational.