Tesla says it hopes to work with Panasonic on solar energy

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Palo Alto, California-based Tesla said the cells and modules would be used with its energy storage products. Tesla CEO Elon Musk says SolarCity's installation network and Tesla's global energy storage could provide customers a one-stop shop for sustainable energy and transportation. Shareholders are due to vote on the acquisition on Nov. 17.

NY to Invest $40M in Solar Energy Storage Technology

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The money will support solar power projects around the state that are designed to ensure energy derived from the sun can be stored for use when demand is greatest. That can reduce the need for other, less environmentally friendly forms of power.

Japan to partially end feed-in tariff system for electricity from renewable sources

The Japan Times

Japan's industry ministry plans to partially end the country's feed-in tariff program, under which electricity produced by businesses and others from renewable energy sources -- such as from solar and wind -- is bought by power suppliers at fixed rates, it has been learned. To reduce the cost burden on the public, which increased after the program was introduced in 2012, the ministry plans to revise a related law in fiscal 2020 to adopt a competitive bidding system for electricity generated by businesses using large-scale facilities, according to sources with knowledge of the matter.

Researchers want to store excess renewable energy as methane


One of the major drawbacks to renewable energy sources like wind and solar is that we don't have an effective way to store excess energy. When the wind blows, we might have more than enough energy to feed the grid, but we can't store the surplus. Then, on breezeless days, we're left powerless. As trite as that might sound, it's unfortunately valid, and companies like Tesla have been trying to develop large battery storage solutions. Now, researchers at Stanford University are working on a biology-based battery alternative.