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Private beach upgrades at Princess Cays adds Wi-Fi and new cruise excursions

Los Angeles Times

The Princess renovations and enhancements include adding WiFi, making the Cays one of the only cruise industry private islands where you can Instagram or Facebook your fun to friends and family back home in real time.

Viking is best cruise line in Mediterranean, Royal Caribbean offers best value, U.S. News' rankings say

Los Angeles Times

If you're planning a cruise during the coming year, there are a lot of things to consider: Is the price right? Does the cruise line sail to the destination you're longing to see? Does it cater to couples or families? U.S. News & World Report may offer some insights. The magazine announced its 2018 Best Cruise Lines rankings Tuesday, evaluating 165 ships in 17 cruise lines across six categories.

Bon Appétit to spice up culinary excursions for Princess Cruises

Los Angeles Times

Passengers will have an opportunity to go on a restaurant walking tour in Juneau, Alaska; search for the perfect paella in Valencia, Spain; and shop for seafood at Tokyo's Tsukiji food market. Thirty excursions are scheduled, beginning this year.

CES 2017: Cruise trips personalised with wearable gadget

BBC News

Cruise line Carnival has launched a wearable gadget that allows services on board its ships to be personalised for guests. The Ocean Medallion can be worn as a necklace, clip or keychain - or carried in a passenger's pocket. It will connect to onboard facilities, tracking meal orders or automatically unlocking guests' cabins as they approach the door, for example. One analyst said it would have to be easy to use to entice holidaymakers. Details of the project are being outlined at two events at the CES tech show in Las Vegas.