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Mercedes-Benz unveils Hyperscreen, a sprawling 56-inch car dashboard


Ahead of CES, Mercedes-Benz unveiled its enormous Hyperscreen. It's a 56-inch curved touchscreen that takes up almost the entire width of a car dashboard, soon to debut in the company's EQS electric sedan, coming later this year. Equipped with an OLED screen and voice-controlled MBUX (Mercedes-Benz user experience) software that learns and adapts to driver behavior, the Hyperscreen is an optional addition to the company's forthcoming electric vehicles. It's like a digital assistant that makes suggestions for vehicle functions and entertainment choices using artificial intelligence. "It's based on customer need," said Mercedes-Benz AG executive Sajjad Khan on a Thursday press call.

Mercedes-Benz debuts Hyperscreen: a 56-inch curved screen inside new electric car

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And you thought screens couldn't get any bigger. Mercedes-Benz on Thursday revealed a 56-inch screen that nearly spans the width of a new car's interior, accelerating the auto industry's race to turn the vehicle into a computer on wheels. Daimler, the German automaker that manufactures the luxury automotive brand, said the MBUX Hyperscreen would debut this spring in its new electric sedan, the Mercedes-Benz EQS, in the spring. The EQS is billed as the luxury automaker's finest electric car and is expected to compete directly with vehicles like the Tesla Model S and Porsche Taycan. It will debut as a 2022 model and while a starting price hasn't been announced, Edmunds estimated $110,000.

Screens in cars are getting even bigger? Is it safe?

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Screens in vehicles are getting bigger and bigger. German automaker Daimler's Mercedes-Benz revealed a new 56-inch screen nearly spanning the width of an entire car earlier this month, becoming the latest brand to bet on larger-than-ever digital displays. The Jan. 7 announcement came as other car brands like Tesla, Ram and Toyota turn the dashboards and instrument panels of certain new vehicles into a sort of Apple store. Gone are the days of playing-card-sized screens causing drivers and passengers to squint their eyes at low-resolution text and poorly designed graphics. Welcome to the era where the screen is king, and analog buttons are facing the guillotine.

Cadillac offers a glimpse at the Lyric EV's 33-inch display


Not to be outdone by Mercedes' announcement of its massive all-in-one "Hyperscreen" cabin display Thursday morning, Cadillac has provided a new glimpse at its own next-generation OLED display ahead of CES 2021, and the two unlikely design firms chosen to help develop it. The 33-inch wraparound display that GM is building will first be integrated into Cadillac's upcoming Lyriq EV, which we first saw last August. At the time, Cadillac boasted that the display would boast the "highest pixel density available in the automotive industry today," capable of reproducing over one billion colors -- that's 64 times more than any other display currently on the market. The UI experience will reportedly be personalizable with themes designed to match the driver's mood and personality. But to create such a novel piece of technology, Cadillac had to look beyond the automotive industry.

Mercedes-Benz unveils giant Hyperscreen display for electric EQS sedan

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The Mercedes-Benz GLB is a smart utility vehicle with tons of tech, says Fox News Autos editor Gary Gastelu. When the Tesla Model S debuted a decade ago, one of the most dazzling features was its 17-inch touchscreen display, which was enormous for the day. Mercedes-Benz has unveiled the 56-inch wide door-to-door Hyperscreen that will cover the dashboard of its upcoming flagship EQS electric sedan. The curving, scratch-resistant surface isn't a continuous screen, however, but covers three OLED displays that include an instrument cluster, a central infotainment/climate-control interface and a screen in front of the passenger seat. It also has two air vents poking out of it to help "connect the digital and physical world," according to Mercedes-Benz.