Google Barely Moves Needle on Gender, Diversity in Workforce

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Google says it needs to do more on diversity, and added new data on hiring, attrition and gender by ethnicity. The new data showed black workers left the company at far higher rates than other groups. The report said its efforts at improving diversity must include "creating an inclusive culture" and not just boosted hiring.

Etsy Is Defying Tech's Lousy Record on Gender Diversity


Etsy has crafted an identity for itself as an artisanal alternative to mainstream marketplaces. Today the company said that women now make up 54 percent of its workforce, up from 51 percent in 2014. What's more, half of the leadership and management positions at Etsy belong to women, an impressive achievement, at least in the context of the tech industry's dreary diversity record. In keeping with its pledge to buck conventions, Etsy also says it will no longer refer to gender in a binary way, reflecting its belief that "gender lies on a spectrum." In its latest report, it classifies its employees as those who "identify as women," "identify as men," and identify as "other awesome gender identities."

Google's Diversity Stats Are Still Very Dismal


The company that championed the idea of moonshots--ambitious ideas that can "make the world a radically better place"--is still struggling to make incremental change when it comes to diversifying its ranks of black, Latinx, and female employees. But as the conversation around diversity in Silicon Valley has evolved and grown more sophisticated, so has Google's approach to the problem. For the first time, Google's annual diversity report, released Thursday, included data on hiring, attrition, and the intersection of race and gender, which exposed telling patterns. In 2017, black employees left Google at the highest rates, followed by Latinx employees; but the attrition numbers also showed that Google was better at retaining female employees than male employees. Google also said it made gains in hiring Asian women.

Apple reports progress in workforce diversity

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Apple on Wednesday reported improvements in gender and ethnic diversity in June as the U.S. technology company stayed ahead of fellow Silicon Valley powerhouses Google and Facebook in hiring minorities. Apple also said in its annual diversity and inclusion report that it had closed pay gaps over the last year by analyzing salaries, bonuses and annual stock grants. It had also opened up its annual stock grants program to retail employees for the first time. Apple revealed the improvements in gender and ethnic diversity and has stayed ahead of fellow Silicon Valley powerhouses Google and Facebook in hiring minorities. As of June, Apple's overall U.S. workforce was 56 percent white (up 2 percent from a year ago), 19 percent Asian (down 1 percent) 12 percent Hispanic (up 1 percent), and 9 percent black (up 1 percent).

Vidant Health: Workforce Diversity Promotes Good Patient Experiences

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We believed that we wouldn't have good equity with our patients unless we had good workforce equity. If you don't have diversity in your workforce, we feel that you don't understand the lived experiences of a lot of our patients. So we took a look at our workforce and said, "Do we have workforce equity? Do we have people at every level of the organization that represent the diversity of our population?" We found out on the team level we did, but maybe not as much on the leadership level – supervisors and managers and directors.