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Live-action Pokemon trailer reaffirms Pikachu's enduring popularity

The Japan Times

Ever since the original release of the "Pokemon" games for the Nintendo Game Boy back in 1996, the series' central character -- the electric, yellow rodent Pikachu -- has found a permanent place in the world's pop-culture zeitgeist. Pikachu has since shown up everywhere, including on countless pieces of merchandise, an annual parade in Yokohama and even in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. If you think Pikachu's best days are behind him, you might want to head to your nearest Pokemon Center and revive yourself. Last week saw a shocking amount of Pikachu love on the internet that moviegoers, gamers and foodies will enjoy. The long-awaited "Detective Pikachu" trailer dropped on Nov. 12 and took social media by storm.

Pokemon chief hints at big plans for augmented reality smartphone game

The Japan Times

It's been more than a year since "Pokemon Go" took the world by storm, getting people to wander outside and look for virtual monsters with their smartphones. The game became a social phenomenon, with adults and children gathering in parks and public areas to train their Pokemon. The fad is still going strong, with new characters and upgrades being added regularly. Though down from its peak, more than 65 million people still use the app each month. In the United States, the game is among the 20 most-lucrative apps this year, holding the top spot for about a week in July.

Comparing MobileNet Models in TensorFlow


In recent years, neural networks and deep learning have sparked tremendous progress in the field of natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision. While many of the face, object, landmark, logo, and text recognition and detection technologies are provided for Internet-connected devices, we believe that the ever-increasing computational power of mobile devices can enable the delivery of these technologies into the hands of users anytime, anywhere, regardless of Internet connection. However, computer vision for on-device and embedded applications faces many challenges -- models must run quickly with high accuracy in a resource-constrained environment, making use of limited computation, power, and space. TensorFlow offers various pre-trained models, such as drag-and-drop models, in order to identify approximately 1,000 default objects. When compared with other similar models, such as the Inception model datasets, MobileNet works better with latency, size, and accuracy.

Two new Pokemon games come to Nintendo Switch, as 'Pikachu Let's Go' release date and more revealed

The Independent - Tech

Nintendo has announced two brand new Pokemon games for the Switch – and much more to come. The two new games are called Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee! and mark a major step forward for the series, as well as a considerable expansion of Pokemon games on the Switch. The games will include a whole host of new features that have never been seen before in a Pokemon game. They include the first time that people will be able to play on a big screen – using the Switch's convertible nature – and will allow for co-op play and mobile integration, too. And they will have new takes on important parts of the series, too.