U.S. State Department Revokes PLO Ambassador Family Visas: Envoy

U.S. News

"The State Department informed our colleagues, as part of the discussion on the closure, that the visas of my wife and children are dependent on the PLO delegation and as such will not be valid after the closure of the office and that if they wanted to stay they would have to change their immigration status," Zomlot said.

Meghan Markle's Bio On Royal Family Website Features This Major Change

International Business Times

Meghan Markle's bio on the royal family website has been updated two weeks after her wedding to Prince Harry. Following her May 19 nuptials, royal fans discovered that information about Markle is now available on the website since she is an official member of the British family. But supporters of the former actress noticed how her work on "Suits" and other shows was downplayed on the bio. The only information about her acting career two weeks ago was, "While filming in Toronto, The Duchess actively volunteered at a Canadian soup kitchen from 2011-2013. She also established the program at her place of work to ensure that leftover meals from the set were donated to local homeless shelters."

Qatar restores diplomatic ties to Iran amid regional crisis

The Japan Times

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – Qatar restored full diplomatic relations with Iran early Thursday, disregarding the demands of Arab nations now locked in a regional dispute with the energy-rich country that it lessen its ties to Tehran. In announcing its decision, Qatar did not mention the diplomatic crisis roiling Gulf Arab nations since June, when Qatar found its land, sea and air routes cut off by its neighbors over Doha's policies across the Mideast. However, the move comes just days after Saudi Arabia began promoting a Qatari royal family member whose branch of the family was ousted in a palace coup in 1972. "Qatar has shown it is going to go in a different direction," said Kristian Coates Ulrichsen, a research fellow at the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy at Rice University who lives in Seattle. "It could very well be calculated toward reinforcing the point that Qatar will not bow to this regional pressure placed upon it."

Prince William touches down in Israel for historic royal visit

FOX News

Prince William arrives in Tel Aviv, Israel on June 25. Prince William arrived in Israel on Monday for the first-ever official visit of a member of the British royal family to the tumultuous region London once ruled. Arriving from neighboring Jordan, the Duke of Cambridge landed at Israel's Ben-Gurion International Airport and then departed to Jerusalem, where he will stay at the elegant King David Hotel, site of the former administrative headquarters of the British mandate. Three decades of British rule between the two world wars helped establish some of the fault lines of today's Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and Britain's withdrawal in 1948 led to the eventual establishment of Israel and Jordan. Britain has since taken a back seat to the United States in mediating peace efforts, and the royal family has mostly steered clear of the region's toxic politics.

Meghan Markle Will 'Secure' Royal Family's Future, Says Royal Butler

International Business Times

Grant Harrold, a royal butler, recently said that Meghan Markle will help secure the royal family's future in her own unique way. During a recent interview with Express, Harrold noted that Markle, unlike the other female royals, had a very hardworking background because she was an actress for a couple of years. Markle also happens to be a women's rights activist. "She'll bring her own contribution and I think she's only going to secure their future," he said. The royal butler and etiquette expert added that Markle's way with the public can help the royal family become more accessible to other people.