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In defense to his recorded comments about women, Trump raises allegations against Bill Clinton early in debate

Los Angeles Times

Donald Trump defended the vulgar comments he made about women by turning attention to Bill Clinton's sexual history and Hillary Clinton's work as a young attorney. Hillary Clinton attacked those same women, and attacked them viciously," Trump said. "Four of them are here tonight." Seated in the audience were three women who accused Bill Clinton of rape or unwanted sexual advances -- Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones. The former president was never charged with wrongdoing, though he did settle a sexual harassment suit by Jones for 850,000.

Trump leads Clinton in marriages, 3 to 1. That may not stop him from attacking hers

Los Angeles Times

Will he bring up the blue dress? Donald Trump appears to be setting the stage to start attacking Hillary Clinton for her husband's marital infidelities, whose sordid details engrossed the nation during the end of Bill Clinton's presidency. At the debate this week, Trump held back -- out of respect for their daughter, Chelsea, he said. But in an interview Thursday with NH1 radio in New Hampshire, Trump said that at the next debate he might not exercise such restraint. In recent days, Trump's advisors have said that when the candidates spar again on Oct. 9 in St. Louis, he might raise Bill Clinton's famous affair with Monica Lewinsky.

How to Cover Hillary Clinton Aggressively in the Age of Trump


Goldberg: Right, especially if you're on the Clinton beat, you're on the Clinton beat. And you have to kind of go chase these leads wherever they take you. And that seems perfectly legitimate. I think where I wish there was more self-reflection, is not that they should go easy on Hillary Clinton because she's running against this diabolical lunatic, but just--that they should just be conscious of not repeating the same kind of mistakes that always seem to dog coverage of the Clintons, which is, getting into this dynamic where any hint of impropriety is blown up out of all proportion. The Clintons react by shutting down and becoming really paranoid and secretive.

What Facebook Isn't Saying About Trump and Clinton's Campaign Ads


According to Facebook, during the 2016 election, President Trump's campaign actually paid higher rates to advertise on the platform overall than Hillary Clinton's campaign did.

Trump, Clinton speeches to highlight US divisions on guns

U.S. News

FILE - In this May 11, 2016 file photo, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks during a campaign rally in Blackwood, N.J. Donald Trump and Clinton will court voters on opposite sides of the gun debate over the next two days in events that will highlight the nation's deep divide on the topic. Clinton will appear Saturday, May 21, 2016, in Florida with the mother of Trayvon Martin and other parents who have lost children to gun violence. She's become a forceful advocate for restrictions meant to reduce the nation's 33,000 annual gun deaths.