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Traditional Bolivian healers tackle diabetes crisis

Al Jazeera

La Paz, Bolivia - Diabetes is fast becoming a national crisis in Bolivia. Nearly 500,000 Bolivians, some 4.5 percent of the population, suffer from the disease and a change of diet is being blamed. With many diabetics also rejecting modern medicine, the government has teamed up with traditional healers to tackle the growing health crisis. "For me, it's important to incorporate ancestral teaching ... [patients] can heal with plants and herbs," said German Mamani, a specialist in traditional medicine. Up until the 1980s, traditional medicine was outlawed in Bolivia.

Senegal split over legalizing traditional medicine

Al Jazeera

Senegal's government is considering legalising witchcraft as a traditional medicine. Politicians say the move will ease the burden on already overcrowded hospitals. But doctors say the move is irresponsible and dangerous.

Chinese traditional medicine gains popularity at home and abroad

Al Jazeera

Some scientists in the West have long disputed the therapeutic value of traditional Chinese medicine, but it seems the ancient craft is gaining popularity at home and abroad.

Traditional medicine in Taiwan on life support

Al Jazeera

People in Taiwan who are not feeling so well have, for generations, avoided going to a doctor and visited a traditional Chinese medicine shop instead. But thousands of shops have shut down in the past 20 years - an estimated 200 stores a year. The Taiwanese government has not issued any new operating licences in those 20 years and store owners fear when they die, so will their industry.

India touts traditional remedies to combat new coronavirus

The Japan Times

NEW DELHI – As scientists race to find a vaccine for the deadly Wuhan virus, the Indian government said Wednesday that ancient homeopathy and Ayurveda remedies could hold an answer. The ministry that promotes the country's booming yoga, naturopathy and homeopathy sectors released an advisory listing herbal oils to be rubbed into the scalp to purportedly ease the symptoms. It also suggested ingesting Arsenicum album-30, a homeopathic treatment. "The dose should be repeated after one month by following the same schedule in case coronavirus infections prevail," the Ministry of AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, Sowa Rigpa and Homoeopathy) said in a statement" The ministry also issued general advice on maintaining personal hygiene to prevent the spread of the virus. The advisory came as the Dalai Lama, in exile in Dharamsala in India, said on Facebook that followers concerned about the virus should chant a mantra that would be "helpful" in dealing with the situation. India claims to have natural remedies for everything from cancer to the common cold. The government in recent years has launched a drive to promote traditional remedies as it seeks to cash in on the multi-billion dollar global market for holistic medicine. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a yoga practitioner, has said he wants the world to make Ayurveda "a way of life.