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How hip-hop fashion went from the streets to high fashion

Los Angeles Times

Perhaps one of the greatest lessons hip-hop has taught the fashion world has been every man is a brand. Hip-hop artists have learned quickly that making music is just one small part of their cultural imprint. Consider hip-hop's early days when Adidas struck a $1 million deal with Run-DMC after the group performed the song "My Adidas" -- it's considered to be rap's first endorsement deal -- or Sean Combs' savvy move from music to apparel with the 1998 launch of his label Sean John or Kendrick Lamar's collaboration with Nike. Others including Karl Kani, Carl Jones of Cross Colours and the team behind FUBU (led by "Shark Tank" judge Daymond John) have made clothes expressly designed for hip-hop audiences.

B2B And B2C – Behind The Fashion Tech


Is the fashion industry changing and how? The fashion industry has become the new playground for tech and innovation. It is the biggest market in the world for consumer goods, with a transaction value of 3 Trillion USD in 2014.

Is Milan relevant in the fashion world? Stefano Gabbana and others say, 'Yes!'

Los Angeles Times

"Is Milan relevant in fashion? Our answer is yes," stated Italy's Corriere della Sera this week, reacting to a New York Times article that questioned the focus and importance of Italian designers. "No, we don't agree [with the accusations]," said the Corriere. "Who says that quality does not mean creativity? The first cannot exclude the other, stitched together as they are by the threads of culture and good taste," it responded, challenging the Times' belief that Milan's fashion is not intellectual compared to Paris and London.

Alexandra Shulman: How her time at Vogue shaped British fashion

BBC News

The fashion world has been paying tribute to British Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman as she steps down from the industry bible after a quarter of a century. When she was appointed on 23 January 1992, Nicholas Coleridge - the then managing director of Vogue - said "Vogue is almost in her blood", referring to the fact her mother, father and brother had all worked at the publication. So how will her tenure be remembered and why was she such a great ambassador for the fashion world? We asked industry figures for their views. "Her contribution has been amazing, she had some fantastic covers.