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Ransomware, cyber-extortion and GDPR: Three security headaches ahead for charities


Charities are a prime target for hackers and are at risk of devastating cyber attacks, the UK's intelligence agency has warned.

Want To Follow Your Donation In Real Time? Bitcoin Non-Profit BitGive Launches Donation Tracker

Forbes - Tech

Given the many incidents involving charities misusing donated funds -- from the Trump Foundation admitting to self-dealing to San Francisco socialite Joy Bianchi's charity Helpers Community Inc. doing almost no charitable work while amassing millions in assets to the former New York street corner charity United Homeless Organization being revealed as a fraud back in 2009 -- it's no surprise that many Americans are distrustful of philanthropic enterprises. A 2015 study by The Chronicle of Philanthropy found that 35% of Americans had little to no faith in charities. The blockchain technology that underpins the cryptocurrency bitcoin has often been described as a potential solution to industries that suffer from fraud or a lack of transparency and trust. BitGive, the first Bitcoin non-profit (registered as a 501(c)(3) under the Internal Revenue Code), today launches GiveTrack, a blockchain-based donation platform that enables donors to follow their donation step by step from the charity to the final result. On the platform, which currently resides on the three-year-old company's website, a charity would create a campaign for a particular project, and a donor would be able to follow their specific donation -- not just the lump sum funds of the organization -- as it moves from the charity's wallet to another wallet designated for, say, buying parts for wells in Kenya.

How can you be sure where 'charity' donations go?

BBC News

Some 800 cases of charity fraud were reported in the UK last year. But with police warning that they represent just a fraction of the number actually taking place, is enough being done to deal with the scammers? Within hours of the Grenfell Tower fire, members of the public were looking for ways to help the victims and donate money. Unfortunately, the scammers were ready to dupe them and pocket their cash. But the authorities were watching for any new websites set up with a link to the disaster, especially anything claiming to be a charity collection site.

Sexual abuse 'endemic' within aid sector: report

Al Jazeera

London, England - Sexual abuse and exploitation of some of the world's most vulnerable people by humanitarian workers is "endemic", according to a new report by British members of parliament. Released on Tuesday following an inquiry by the International Development Committee, the report said "the ease with which individuals known to be predatory and potentially dangerous have been able to move around the aid sector undetected is cause for deep concern and alarm". For many living in crisis zones, sexual abuse by humanitarian staff is an everyday reality, according to victim testimonies gathered by Corinna Csaky, an international child development consultant who presented their testatments to the House of Commons. "The people who are raping us and the people in the office are the same people," said a young Haitian girl interviewed by Csaky. More than half of the 341 interviewees from South Sudan, Haiti and Cote d'Ivoire recalled incidences of sexual coercion, with 250 of them aged between 10 and 17. "Without the protection and support from parents, many are using transactional sex just to survive," said Csaky.

The Presidents Club: Are charities allowed to return money?

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Following the reports of sexual harassment of women working as hostesses at the men-only dinner held by The Presidents Club, some of the charities that would have benefited from the money raised have released statements.