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You Can Play Minecraft On The Oculus Rift Now

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Minecraft, the hit block-building videogame that's taken over the best minds of a generation, is now available to play on the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, as parent company Mojang announced today. You'll need an Oculus Rift headset ( 599, powerful gaming computer sold separately), as well as a copy of the Minecraft for Windows 10 beta ( 9.99). We've got at least one of those things here at the Popular Science offices, so if you see productivity plummet in the afternoon hours today here, you'll know why. This isn't actually the first virtual reality manifestation of Minecraft: Mojang released a version for the Samsung's cheaper 99 Gear VR earlier this year. But the Oculus version has some features optimized for the PC (mouse, keyboard, and Xbox controller support), and a "virtual living room" that lets you toggle out of the VR view to get a more traditional "flat" screen for times when you don't want to feel like a Creeper is breathing down your neck.



Minecraft doesn't stand up very well under the scrutiny of rational thought. This is a game where the smartest thing you can do when you're first starting out is punch a bunch of trees until they shatter. This IRL Minecraft treatment from Nukazooka looks at the good, the bad and the terrifying in a two-minute montage. The early tree-punching levity quickly gives way to abject horror as zombies, skeletons and, yes, even a creeper swarm in to cause trouble.

Design Mining for Minecraft Architecture

AAAI Conferences

3D construction sandbox games such as Minecraft have provided new opportunities for people to express their creativity. However, individual players have few tools to help them learn about architectural style or how to improve the structure they are building. Ideally, players could utilize tools that capitalize on the large numbers of 3D models built by others to offer guidance for their particular project. We trained a neural network to classify a large collection of Minecraft models from various websites in terms of style (Ancient, Asian, Medieval, or Modern). We present experimental results demonstrating that our model can classify the user-indicated style of a structure with 55% accuracy. We further demonstrate use of this model to highlight nearest neighbors to a specific query structure. We have integrated these tools into a Minecraft Mod that allows players to classify their structure's style and view nearest neighbors in real-time.

The Concerning Belief About AI That Has Engineers Worried


Artificial intelligence has come a long way in the last few years and seems to play a part in most emerging technologies. Everything from self-driving cars to home assistants seem to be centered around some kind of AI. As with any rapidly developing tech, it's hard to put an exact pin on just how advanced things currently are. There are things being tested in development labs that we won't see hit the market for a number of years, if ever. With the stuff that is public knowledge, the jury seems to be out there, too.

What Minecraft Can Teach You About Neutron Stars

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A selfie taken in Minecraft, by the author. Whenever I need to clear my mind, or try to think of a topic for my next blog post, I usually either go for a run or play video games. Since there's been a heat wave in my area recently, so I've stuck to video games. Most recently it's been Minecraft. One of the aspects of Minecraft is finding stuff and putting into your backpack.