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China Says Detained Swedish Bookseller Rejected Swedish Doctor Visit

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Gui Minhai, a Hong Kong-based, Swedish publisher of books critical of China's leaders, was abducted in Thailand in 2015, one of five people in the Hong Kong book trade who went missing that year and later appeared in custody in mainland China.

Artificial Intelligence will soon have a key role in China's doctor shortage


It seems that China's doctor shortage has taken a hit - in comparison to the US, they boast a low number of doctors for every 1,000 people at 1.5. The U.S. has 2.5 doctors for every 1,000 people in comparison. According to an IDC report, China's health care services could be as high as $930 million by 2022. Plus, China's need for AI tools as less restrictions will have an effect on the outcome of the cost, as a result. There are already various AI tools being put to development for medicinal purposes that will also help to improve the situation China is in.

AI System "BioMind" beats Doctors in China


An artificial intelligence (AI) system scored 2:0 against elite human physicians in two rounds of competitions in diagnosing brain tumors and predicting hematoma expansion in Beijing. The BioMind AI system made correct diagnoses in 87 percent of 225 cases in about 15 minutes, while a team of 15 senior doctors only achieved 66-percent accuracy.

China plans to dominate AI, with a vanguard of robotic doctors like 'Biomind'


Biomind was developed in a joint venture between a Singaporean tech company, Hanalytics, and China's prestigious Tiantan Hospital. Since December, when the venture started up, tens of thousands of medical images collected over a decade have been used to teach Biomind its job. After months of deep learning, the machine was ready for a competition against 25 experienced doctors at Beijing's China National Convention Center testing their ability to analyze images of the brain.