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Ex-nurse caused infants' broken bones, bruises, authorities say

FOX News

Christopher Kaphaem, 43, a former nurse, is accused of injuring several newborns at a Wisconsin hospital has been charged with child abuse. Prosecutors charged a former nurse Thursday with abusing multiple infants in a Wisconsin hospital's intensive care unit, accusing him of bruising them and breaking their bones. Christopher Kaphaem, 43, faces 19 felony child abuse counts involving nine infants. All but one of the counts carries a maximum sentence of six years in prison. The 19th count, intentional child abuse causing great bodily harm, carries a maximum 25 years behind bars.

5 Infants Injured in Hospital Newborn Unit; Nurse Suspended

U.S. News

The Wisconsin State Journal reported that UnityPoint Health-Meriter hospital in Madison didn't respond to the suspected abuse until early last month, when staff noticed two babies with bruises. An internal investigation revealed two similar cases last year and one from January. The identity of the suspended nurse has not been released.

Nurse Charged With Injuring Infants at Wisconsin Hospital

U.S. News

According to the criminal complaint, police began investigating reports of injuries to infants in UnityPoint Health-Meriter Hospital's infant intensive care unit in February. Hospital staff had documented an array of injuries to nine infants, including bruising, broken ribs, broken legs and a fractured skull. Kaphaem, 43, inflicted the injuries between March 2017 and February of this year, according to the complaint.

Two Decades Ago, He Blocked Abortion Clinics and Dodged Police. Now He's Helping Wage Trump's War on Reproductive Rights.

Mother Jones

One November afternoon in 1998, about 20 anti-abortion protestors gathered outside a minister's home on a quiet, tree-lined street in a Madison, Wisconsin suburb. Among them was 23-year-old Matt Bowman, a recent college graduate who had come to town the year before to join a pro-life group, hoisting a large picture of a dismembered fetus and a video camera he said was rolling for his own protection. Others in his group proudly carried placards showing stillborn fetuses with decapitated heads. The demonstrators had chosen their target, Rev. Michael Schuler, because of two sentences the Unitarian minister had written in a newspaper column arguing that voters should look beyond abortion and focus on issues like economic inequality, the environment, and health care. Bowman and his crew disagreed. Schuler's wife spotted the protestors, and called her husband at church, worried about the safety of their son attending school nearby.

Washington hospital is 'like going into hell'

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Hundreds of mentally ill patients at Washington state's largest psychiatric hospital are forced to live in conditions that do not meet federal health and safety standards. Behind tall brick walls and secure windows, hundreds of patients at Washington state's largest psychiatric hospital live in conditions that fail U.S. health and safety standards, while overworked nurses and psychiatrists say they are navigating a system that punishes employees who speak out despite critical staffing shortages. "They don't have enough staff to protect patients, or provide them with the bare minimum of care," said Lisa Bowser, whose mother spent two years at Western State Hospital and suffered dozens of falls and assaults. "Going there was like going into hell," said Bowser, who has sued the state-run facility. "I honestly thought they would kill her before I could get her out."