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Tech jobs: These are the highest-paying roles, and here's where to find them


IT managers, system architects, cloud engineers and cybersecurity engineers took home the biggest salaries last year, according to the latest Tech Salary Report from jobs website Dice, with Texas and other emerging hubs taking big leaps forward. Overall, the salaries of US tech professionals grew 3.6% between 2019 and 2020, reaching an average of $97,859. This was despite many businesses tightening budgets in response to the financial pressures caused by the pandemic. In this special feature, ZDNet examines technology's role in helping business leaders build tomorrow's workforce, and employees keep their skills up to date and grow their careers. The biggest salary increases between 2019 and 2020 were experienced by occupations that helped organisations process and interpret data, digitise their products and services, and generally keep businesses running safely and efficiently throughout COVID-19.

Tech salaries just hit record highs. But nearly half of IT staff still feel underpaid


Salaries for tech workers have hit new highs, but many developers still feel underpaid. A "widespread hunger" for technology professionals has see the average salary for technologists in the US hit a record high of $104,566 in 2021 – and yet, nearly half of tech workers feel they are underpaid. The latest Dice Tech Salary Report found that 61% of technologists received a salary increase last year, up from 52% in 2020. Web developers saw the biggest increase in pay, shooting up by more than a fifth (21.3%) to $98,912, while the highest salaries were demanded by IT management, whose pay rose 6% to $151,983 between 2020 and 2021. SEE: Developers say they're happier working from home.

The U.S. States with the Top Tech Salaries in 2021


In 2020, despite the economic turmoil caused by the global pandemic, America's tech sector experienced rapid growth. Last year, the total number of U.S. tech jobs grew by 60,000. Because of this demand, U.S. employers are willing to pay for the right talent--on average, tech workers in the U.S. earn about 61% more than the average salary. But some tech workers make more than others, depending on where they live. We'll also touch on the top-paying metro areas, and what type of tech jobs offer the highest compensation across the country.

Developer jobs and programming languages: What's hot and what's next


Software development is the hottest job on the market - and business is booming. The role of the software developer is as central to an organization's success now as those right at the top. While they might not be involved in corporate decision making, developers are crucial to steering growth within the enterprise in a market in which software savviness is increasingly a marker of commercial success. ZDNet takes an in-depth look at key trends in software development and how developers are changing the tech industry. Running technology in a business has become a business in itself.

Top careers in information technology


Information technology careers require strong technical and business skills. IT professionals work closely with businesses to understand their computing and technology needs. Within the field of IT, professionals specialize in areas like information security, database administration, and information management. With strong job growth and high salaries, the tech sector attracts many job seekers. But how can you launch a career in IT?