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On Salary Negotiations - Adam Drake


Salary negotiations are often presented from the perspective of a potential employee, but I rarely read anything regarding strategies for companies who want to do their best to hire a particular candidate. As someone not formally trained in HR, my opinions on the topic have been developed strictly through my experiences. If you're an HR expert and think I'm crazy then I ask you contact me and help me improve my perspective. The main problem from the salary perspective is how much has been budgeted for the position, if it's been budgeted at all, how much the company thinks is far and how much the candidate feels is fair. There are other issues like salary structure within the organization and frameworks for computing salaries, but in this case I'm only covering organizations that are flexible in terms of salary.

The 5 AI jobs with the highest salaries


Demand for artificial intelligence (AI) jobs grew 29% in the last year, though has begun to slow down from years prior, according to new data from job search site Indeed. With more open jobs than qualified candidates to fill them, many AI-related roles command large salaries, Indeed found. Machine learning engineers are the most in-demand AI job based on the number of job postings, and also are offered the highest paycheck on average. They are also the professionals with the largest boost in salary year over year, the data showed. SEE: Artificial intelligence: A business leader's guide (free PDF) (TechRepublic) Machine learning engineers were the third-highest paying job in Indeed's previous two rankings.

What's Driving Data Science Salaries Now


Similarly, using Excel, working for an older company, and being a woman had a strong correlation to a lower salary, according to O'Reilly's recent 2016 Data Science Salary Survey. Now in its fourth year, O'Reilly's report is based on data collected from more than 900 respondents, which was subsequently run through uses of models to try to tease out the pertinent bits. For example, the median salary for the entire sample was $87,000. That's down from the $91,000 average recorded in last year's survey. But don't worry: the decline was mostly due to a higher share of young non-U.S.

What You Need to Know About Artificial Intelligence


A 2017 report from Cognizant explored 21 new jobs likely to develop over the next decade, including the following: --Walker/talkers will spend time with customers, especially seniors who may be widowed or live far from family. It's an example of a future job that is not necessarily high-tech but will use a tech tool (like an Uber or Lyft app) to make it possible, says Ben Pring, VP and managing director of Cognizant's Center for the Future of Work. Likely salary: $10-$13/hour --Digital tailors will work with customers at home or work to ensure clothes ordered online fit perfectly. Forty percent of clothes purchased online are returned, a big expense for retailers. High-tech tailors will set up a cubicle that digitally captures body measurements and uploads them into a cloud-based ordering system.