T-Mobile and Sprint merge to create a 5G powerhouse


After years of on-again, off-again talks, it's official: T-Mobile and Sprint have announced plans to merge. The deal values Sprint at $59 billion (the combined company would be worth $146 billion) and will give T-Mobile the reins, with the carrier's John Legere serving as CEO and Mike Sievert continuing to operate as COO. Sprint chief Marcelo Claure will serve on the board of directors alongside Masayoshi Son, the CEO of Sprint's parent company SoftBank. If you ask the networks, it's all about 5G. The two claim they can roll out a "broad and deep" 5G network faster together than they would by themselves.

Six Ways The T-Mobile-Sprint Merger Will Affect You

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Telecommunications has changed a lot over the last the last decade. Now, access to telecom services seems to be everywhere. However, with only a handful of distinct companies, competition is fierce. Now that Sprint and T-Mobile are merging, the pool of providers has shrunk even more. What will the effect be on the market and on the consumers?

T-Mobile, Sprint merger talks reportedly back on


Merger talks are back on between rival wireless carriers Sprint and T-Mobile, according to a report from CNBC. Based on their specs, which flagship makes the better business phone? The latest speculation claims that SoftBank-owned Sprint and Deutsche Telekom-backed T-Mobile are in active talks about a stock-for-stock merger that would leave Deutsche Telekom as the majority owner of both carriers. Neither T-Mobile nor Sprint commented on the report. The two companies previously held merger talks in 2014, that time with Sprint angling to become the majority owner of the two carriers, but the deal fell through over regulatory concerns.

Sprint and T-Mobile could merge in late October


There have been hints that Sprint and T-Mobile are seriously talking about a merger (again), but how likely is that union, really? Quite likely, if you ask Reuters' sources. They understand that the two carriers are "close" to agreeing on terms, and they could have a deal ready by late October. There are the usual caveats (the tipsters say there's still a chance things could fall apart), but it's notable that Sprint and T-Mobile are apparently confident enough that there's a timeline. Sprint and T-Mobile aren't commenting on the reported leak, but both sides have dropped hints that they were thinking of a merger.