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Building Intelligent Enterprises with SAP Business One


Luis Margules: We can do a long story about machine learning, RUT, artificial intelligence, and so forth and they would be true because those are the technologies powering the intelligence enterprise revolution. From my point of view, the intelligent enterprise is about two things. One is about the employees and allowing them to shift from repetitive low-value activities to high-value impactful activities. And the second is about the customer experience. The ability to create an environment for customers to interact with customers and feel a thrill in doing so.

70% Of Enterprises Invest In IoT To Improve Customer Experiences


The above insights are from the Zebra Technologies inaugural Intelligent Enterprise Index published for the first time this week. The index is based on the list of criteria created during the 2016 Strategic Innovation Symposium: The Intelligent Enterprise hosted by the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard (TECH) last year. The 11 metrics that comprise the index are designed to conceptually understand where companies are on the path to becoming an Intelligent Enterprise. IoT systems, solutions and strategies are critical to creating an Intelligent Enterprise, with six of the 11 criterion directly related. "An'Intelligent Enterprise' is one that leverages ties between the physical and digital worlds to enhance visibility and mobilize actionable insights that create better customer experiences, drive operational efficiencies or enable new business models, " according to Tom Bianculli, Chief Technology Officer, Zebra Technologies.

Celebrating a More Intelligent Enterprise

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Through more intelligent enterprise tools, my everyday has changed, and it's likely that yours has, too. Gone are the days of a full-time assistant to tell me where to be and what to do each day. I share a part-time assistant with another executive now because there's less of a need for much help in managing my everyday. Now, an iPad on the conference table in my office, synched to my other mobile devices, tells me my daily schedule, often reflecting meetings that I've set myself while on the phone or via e-mail. From that same iPad, I can touch a single button to launch a video or phone meeting.

The Intelligent Enterprise Inspired by Adidas


See an intelligent enterprise in action. Follow the process of creating personalized athletic footwear, from initial customer requirements through to shipment.

5 Trends That Will Shape the Supply Chain of the Future


Blockchain democratizes the supply chain, enabling a secure, transparent network with all participants. Blockchain enables companies to gain transparency across multi-enterprise networks. Supply chains will be able to procure, source, manufacture and handle logistics across a broad array of players including small to medium businesses. Creating a foundation of trust, blockchain documents the history of exchanges of information. With blockchain, all entries are permanent and incorruptible – immutable records.