The ABCs of Machine Learning Experts Who Are Driving the World in AI


Machine learning is an incredibly broad and diverse field, with a non-stop increase on research, along a multitude of applications. Thus writing a list enlisting the best machine learning researchers on the field proves challenging for a number of reasons. Please mind that this list encompasses researchers who are currently working on the field. Also, please mind that this list is by no means ranked. Everyone listed below has done extraordinary work to advance humanity's state of AI further.

10 Famous Machine Learning Experts


Unlike most other lists of top experts, this one is a hand-picked selection, not based on influence or Klout scores, or the number of Twitter followers and re-tweets, or other similar metrics. Each of these experts has his/her own Wikipedia page. Some might not even have a Twitter account. All of them have had a very strong academic and research career in the most prestigious places. Jeffrey Hawkins is the American founder of Palm Computing (where he invented the Palm Pilot) and Handspring (where he invented the Treo).

Coursera Plans to Announce University Partners for Online Classes

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An interactive online learning system created by two Stanford computer scientists plans to announce Wednesday that it has secured $16 million in venture capital and partnerships with four major universities. The scientists, Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller, taught free Web-based courses through Stanford last year that reached more than 100,000 students. Now they have formed a company, Coursera, as a Web portal to distribute a broad array of interactive courses in the humanities, social sciences, physical sciences and engineering. Besides Stanford, the university partners include the University of Michigan, the University of Pennsylvania and Princeton. Although computer-assisted learning was pioneered at Stanford during the 1960s, and for-profit online schools like the University of Phoenix have been around for several decades, a new wave of interest in online education is taking shape.

Computers Are For Girls, Too

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First, since girls aren't supposed to be into computers, they aren't exposed to computer science when they're young, and even if they are, they often aren't encouraged to pursue their interests in the field. That helps explain why only 22 percent of the high school students who take the AP computer science exam today are girls. Kayla didn't know she wanted to be a computer scientist until she'd already started a totally different career, in library science. It was only when she started training staff to use the library's software that she realized she might be interested in making software herself, so she went back to college for a second time to be a computer scientist. Kimberly had never heard of computer science until she saw it was one of the classes she could take at her local community college.

Data Scientists: Why are they so expensive to hire?


What do you imagine when you hear the job title "Data Scientist"? Perhaps that is why Harvard Business Review coined "Data Scientists" as "the sexiest job of the 21st century". They wrote, "If'sexy' means having rare qualities that are much in demand, data scientists are already there. They are difficult and expensive to hire and, given the very competitive market for their services, difficult to retain." Data Scientists are technical professionals with the training and curiosity to make discoveries in the world of data.