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Nine tools I wish I mastered before my PhD in Machine Learning


Despite its monumental role in advancing technology, academia is often ignorant of industrial achievements. By the end of my PhD I realised that there is a myriad of great auxiliary tools, overlooked…

Nine Tools I Wish I Mastered Before My PhD in Machine Learning - KDnuggets


Whether you are building a start up or making scientific breakthroughs these tools will bring your ML pipeline to the next level.

Databricks MLflow Aims to Simplify Management of Machine Learning Pipelines - The New Stack


Machine learning is one of the most popular technologies of this decade. But, along with the growing acceptance and adoption of ML, the complexity involved in managing ML projects is also increasing proportionally. Unlike traditional software development, ML is all about experimentation. For each stage of the ML pipeline, there is a plethora of tools and open source projects available. The training process, hyperparameter tuning, scoring, and evaluation of a model are often repeated until the results are satisfying.