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Learn how to take better photos with these online classes — some as low as $10


Ever since Instagram stormed onto the scene, people have been all about doing it for the'gram. And if you really took the time to compare the overall quality of photos from several years ago compared to now, you'd find there's been a discernible uptick. Not just because people are slapping a filter on their shots, but because they're more aware of basic photography principles nowadays (rule of thirds, asymmetrical balance, et cetera). Consumer tech companies have been paying attention, and now phone cameras pack a bigger punch than many of yesterday's handheld models. In fact, Apple's next iPhone might come with a third camera (though that still might not top the Nokia 9's five whopping rear cameras).

Learn a new skill for less than $25 during this Cyber Monday sale


The holiday shopping season can feel as tired and drawn-out as "The 12 Days of Christmas," what with all of the ads and deals you've been inundated with since practically the end of October. But if there's a single sale that rises above the rest like a partridge atop a pear tree, it's the sale on online classes that just began in the Mashable Shop. Read on to see which courses are available at massive discounts, and to find out how you can save an extra 20% on your purchase through Cyber Monday. What does it take to mix a set that people actually want to listen to? Step into the booth and find out with DJ Courses Online, a set of 12 classes that walks you through the ins and outs of music production and offers expert tips to kickstart your DJ career.

10 free online courses to help you learn a new skill for no money at all


We're all in agreement that March was approximately three years long and April was all but three days, right? Maybe it's because we've finally settled into our new lives and time is moving more quickly. Or maybe it's because we've been doing the same things, day in and day out, for weeks on end. Either way, it's time to shake things up. Whether you're hoping to boost your employability or just want to learn something for fun, you're in luck.

71-year-old Army veteran graduates high school 52 years later - Daughter to bury father missing for 50 years in Vietnam

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A 71-year-old army veteran is preparing for his high school graduation after missing his 1964 graduation because he was enlisted, a day he's now regretted missing for decades. Dave Shuker attended Abraham Lincoln High School in the early 1960's. After his junior year, he decided to enlist in the army to ease the financial burden on his family. "I made the decision to go to make things easier on my family, make things easier for my siblings. Best for all of us," said Shuker.

Learn photography skills without spending more than $20


If you're pop superstar Ariana Grande, dabbling in photography is as easy as click, click, click, and post." Most of us are not pop superstar Ariana Grande, so capturing compelling images -- not to mention editing them to the point where they're good enough to share -- is often a much more complicated, challenging process. But don't give up hope just yet -- there's always the Essential Digital Photography Master Class Bundle, on sale now in the Mashable Shop. Across 30 hours of expert training divided into three separate courses, you'll learn how to use a fancy DSLR camera to take pro-quality pics worth posting. The bundle kicks off with an introductory class on digital photography, which covers artistic and technical fundamentals like composition, exposure, focus, flash, and depth of field.