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Got cloud skills? Now you can get certified by the OpenStack Foundation


Data science may have dominated recent discussions about IT skills in chronically short supply, but it's not the only area facing a shortage. Cloud computing is another big one, and on Monday the OpenStack Foundation launched a new program it hopes will help. The group's new Certified OpenStack Administrator (COA) exam is designed to give cloud professionals a way to prove their worth while also helping employers identify qualified candidates. Originally announced in October at OpenStack Summit Tokyo, the performance-based exam can now be delivered virtually anywhere in the world through the OpenStack Foundation's training marketplace. It is the foundation's first professional certification offering.

Get ahead: 3 high-demand cloud skills for 2017


When you look at cloud skills, it's more important to think about what's coming rather than what's already here. Why? Thousands of IT people will complete cloud certification programs this year. If you delay, the job market may be flooded by the time you're ready. That's not to say you won't find a market for your new skills, but the money and demand may be much different -- and not in a good way. The best career tactic is to think ahead.

Design Thinking for the 21st Century – An Essential Skill - Cloud Academy


We live in a digital-driven world with continuous and rapid advances in technology. As such, understanding how to design by harnessing the power of new technologies is an essential skill that professionals need to develop in order to achieve their truest potential. Careful and considerate solution design should focus on driving value and powering productiveness with the lowest possible waste. This type of approach is known as Design thinking, a fundamental methodology in which technology is selected based on the capabilities required for the final product. In the design thinking paradigm, technology is created by first considering its final state and then adding the required functions to support it.

Understand why cloud skills training should be a top priority for organizations in 2019


In the last decade, the world of business has changed considerably due to the impact of technological innovation. In particular, cloud computing has grown into one of the most important paradigms in business. As such, it has become imperative for any business to adopt cloud technology. History has shown that whenever there is a new change in technology, organizations are forced to either hire new talent who possess the relevant skills or to train existing employees to adapt to that new technology. Today, it has become very essential for all organizations to bridge the skills gap in cloud technologies.

Today's cloud computing projects are missing something -- a strategy


Everyone, at some level, is exploring or considering public cloud options, for a range of functions, from automating IT functions to enhancing business processes. However, these efforts have yet to be bound up into a cohesive business strategy, and many executives are unsure if their IT departments are up to providing the guidance that is needed. The survey of 500 executives, published by Softchoice, finds a lack of strategic thinking when it comes to cloud implementations. A majority, 54 percent, report their teams struggle to form an effective cloud strategy, and 52 percent lack a formalized cloud strategy altogether. Having a cloud strategy makes a big difference, the survey suggests.