Tesla car on Autopilot when fatal crash occurred, company says

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Tesla defended its Autopilot feature, saying that while it doesn't prevent all accidents, it makes them less likely to occur than vehicles without it. The Tesla vehicle involved in a fatal crash last month in Northern California was operating on Autopilot, the automaker has confirmed. But Tesla contends that the victim and a damaged freeway barrier share in the blame. The Model X SUV crashed in Mountain View, in California's Silicon Valley, on March 23, killing its driver, Apple engineer Walter Huang, 38. The electric car maker said in a company blog post that the driver did not have his hands on the steering wheel for six seconds before the crash, despite several warnings from the vehicle.

Walter Huang: Grieving widow of Tesla crash victim plans to sue

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The widow of the man who died when his Tesla Model X crashed into a barrier last month is now planning to sue. On Tuesday, Sevonne Huang told ABC 7 that her husband, Walter, had complained about the car's Autopilot before, saying it had tried to veer into the same barrier where he crashed and died on several previous occasions. So when she heard about a blue Tesla that crashed at that same spot on the midday news on March 23, she immediately knew her husband was dead. Sevonne has hired an attorney and plans to sue Tesla for the death of her husband, and is speaking out to raise awareness of the issue. 'I just want this tragedy not to happen again to another family,' she said.

Family of man killed in Tesla car crash hires law firm

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Car's autopilot did not engage its brakes, slammed into a tractor-trailer The family of the Apple engineer who died in a Tesla car crash last month reportedly has hired a law firm to "explore legal options," after believing that the carmaker's faulty technology is what led to his death. Walter Huang, 38, died on March 23 while driving Tesla's Model X SUV in Northern California. It was operating on autopilot. The law firm Minami Tamaki LLP announced Wednesday that it had been hired by Huang's family to explore legal options, Reuters reported. The firm said its "preliminary review" points to Tesla as being at fault over the fatal crash.

Tesla crash driver admits to checking phone while in Autopilot mode


Tesla is facing another National Highway Traffic Safety Administration probe after a Model S crashed into the back of a fire truck while Autopilot was on -- but only to gather info about the incident. While it may take a while before the NHTSA reveals its findings, the South Jordan Police Department has already shared a report based on the data logs Tesla extracted from the vehicle. According to those logs, the driver kept on taking her hands off the wheel and would only put them back for a few seconds every time a visual alert flashed. The cops gave her a citation after the logs were released, and she admitted that she was looking at her phone and stepped on the brake pedal merely a few seconds before she crashed into the truck. While this may sound like a pretty open-and-shut case, it highlights how some Tesla owners might not fully understand how to properly wield Autopilot's power.

Tesla driver nearly plows into barricade trying to recreate autopilot crash

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A Tesla driver trying to recreate the recent deadly autopilot crash in California had a near miss himself after almost plowing into a highway barricade. The unidentified driver filmed himself using Tesla's semi-autonomous driving feature as he drove in his Model S down a Chicago freeway. He chose an almost identical section of road in Chicago to try and investigate how the recent fatal crash on a California highway unfolded. The unidentified driver filmed himself using Tesla's semi-autonomous driving feature as he drove in his Model S down a Chicago freeway The footage shows the vehicle travelling 59 mph for the majority of the highway before an alert to'hold the steering wheel' started flashing as he approached a fork in the road. The car headed straight in the direction of a barricade dividing the two roads.