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Google makes developers solve puzzle to discover I/O 2018 date, venue


What started as an intriguing tweet has revealed the date of Google's next developer conference through a series of elaborate puzzles.

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When you publish an Action for the Google Assistant, you'll be invited to join our developer community program and receive an Assistant t-shirt, plus up to $200 in Google Cloud credit each month for one year. Hit certain product milestones and you'll be eligible for Google Home devices, invitations to exclusive events, mentorship by Googlers, and other rewards!

Google to let more app developers offer 'Instant' trials this year


Google's just released Android 9.0 -- aka Pie -- so it seems like as good a time as any for the company to reflect on some of the platforms achievements in recent times, and to consider what's on the horizon. In a blog post, director of Google Play, Apps & Games Purnima Kochikar has outlined some of the behind-the-scenes milestones Google Play has seen this year, and hints at a more "instant" experience for app developers in the future. Kochikar says that work over the last 12 months has delivered a 65 percent decrease in app sizes, a reduced crash rate of 70 percent and a 30 percent increase in visits to the Google Play Store, thanks to improvements to the discovery experience alone. The company is obviously keen to build on these figures, so it says it plans to prioritize Google Play Instant (the feature that lets users try out an app before going through the normal installation process) for developers, as well as improve the machine learning that delivers personalized Play Store suggestions. The aim, Kochikar says, is to help developers engage more deeply with their audience.

Google Developers brings its Machine Learning Bootcamp to Indonesia


Last October, Google Developers brought their Machine Learning Bootcamp to Jakarta, Indonesia! ML Bootcamp is a one-stop solution to learn about Google's latest machine learning offerings from both Googlers and other industry experts. The 4-day intensive bootcamp consists of instructor-led trainings, hands-on codelabs, and saw 35 companies, as well as 12 startups represented from across Indonesia. If you're an aspiring ML developer, be sure to check out the following online courses: ML crash course with TensorFlow APIs