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What you need to know about automation


When businesses think of automation, they probably conjure up images of simplicity, efficiency, lower costs and increased productivity. Of course, this is something of an oversimplification and there are certainly challenges to adopting workplace automation. However, it is not hard to see why more and more industries are automating their business processes. Whether it's via robots or software, automation can eliminate the repetitive, manual tasks that, while essential, are a huge drain on employee time. Automation lets members of staff direct their energies into more productive areas, such as coming up with innovative new ideas.

Top Automation Software for Managing IT Processes


Information technology (IT) automation tools help you easily manage IT processes that are scattered across several environments, tools, and technologies. In this guide, you will learn about the top five automation tools for managing IT processes. With the rise of cloud services and virtualized networks that require swift and complex provisioning, IT process automation is key to helping IT teams deliver services with improved security, consistency, and speed. IT automation is the procedure of developing software and systems to replace repeatable processes that require manual intervention. It is a powerful tool that allows IT staff to focus on strategic tasks rather than administrative work and helps provide significant cost savings and business scaling.

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I first learned the term "deployment pipeline" when I read "Continuous Delivery: Reliable Software Releases through Build, Test and Deployment Automation," by Jez Humble and David Farley back in 2009.

6 tips to avoid automation disaster


In 2015, senior software engineer Benjamin Willenbring was excited when his employer, Autodesk, introduced automated software testing. The small automation team didn't communicate much with his division. And when the tests reached production, they weren't what anyone hoped for. "My teammates were talking about tests failing non-deterministically, and not really having a lot of confidence in the test," Willenbring says. He found that "to get to actually run the test was very, very difficult. You had to talk to someone. And there were an enormous amount of files and I didn't really understand why."

SaaS Intelligent Automation levels the playing field for the mid-market


RPA and Intelligent Automation may seem like the domain of much larger organizations with deeper pockets. Often companies are offered automation solutions that don't scale in-line with their ambitions. Where once you may have needed to invest in elaborate infrastructure, or large-scale resourcing -- SaaS intelligent automation provides a ready-made platform that lets you take off from the get go.