TODD STARNES College football player stands alone to honor US

FOX News

Connor Brewer is fiercely loyal to his college football team. But he is also fiercely loyal to the United States of America. So when the Millikin University football team decided to protest the national anthem by remaining inside the locker room – instead of on the sidelines - Connor was faced with a decision. Click here to join Todd's American Dispatch: a must-read for Conservatives! Would he join his teammates in their university-approved safe space or would he stand on the sidelines and honor America? One of my readers sent me a photograph of what transpired on Oct. 15th at the private Illinois university.

Does Fantasy Football Ruin Football Fandom?


Dwyer was not the only academic who saw the sudden need to understand this market shift. Andrew Billings, director of the University of Alabama Program in Sports Communication, got involved a few years later. "The basic premise of sports media research is that people watch or seek out sports to see who wins," he says, "and fantasy sports seemed to put that in question." Billings joined up with a young sports-management scholar and fantasy enthusiast named Brody Ruihley, and they began to look at the psychology of different types of fans. For one study, Billings and Ruihley asked 1,261 sports consumers, both traditional and fantasy types, to describe their motivations.

Football returns to Aleppo after five years of war

BBC News

A local football match took on significant meaning for supporters this weekend - as war-torn Aleppo saw its first live game in five years. Local side Al-Ittihad beat their city rivals Hurriya 2-1 on Saturday. There has been no professional football in Aleppo since it was divided between the army and rebel forces in 2011. But the government regained complete control of the city last month in a major offensive. The grass was brown and weathered from the winter cold, and the stadium had clearly been damaged by the war's bombing campaigns - but the atmosphere was like any local football game elsewhere.

Super Bowl 2018 Squares: Printable Boxes, Rules, How To Win Football Office Pool

International Business Times

There are plenty of ways to gamble on Super Bowl 2018, even for those that will watch the game but aren't big football fans. For those that don't know much about the New England Patriots or Philadelphia Eagles, "Super Bowl Boxes" or "Super Bowl Squares" might be the best way to get some action on the game.

Women's football team changes the game in Jordan

Al Jazeera

Amman, Jordan - About 20 years ago, a few girls were playing football in the streets of their neighbourhoods in Jordan. Most of them played with the boys, as football was not considered a girls' thing by the conservative society in the kingdom. There was no club, no coach - in fact, no kind of infrastructure existed for female football players. "It was very difficult in the beginning," remembers Stephanie al-Naber, who used to play in the streets when she was little. The society widely rejected the idea of girls playing football, an obstacle for many, but not all.