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ALLIS Marketing Video - Nature


Sign in to report inappropriate content. A short marketing video created for CES 2020. ALLIS is a machine learning based AI that learns to improve low light photos and video.

How To Create Video Marketing In 2020


This course is designed to take you from Zero to Hero. Join this transformational journey to become a master at Create Video Marketing in under 10 min. This proven video marketing strategy will help you create and publish videos every single day. Imagine becoming a master at producing high-quality marketing videos while saving time, money, and energy. This course experience contains a blueprint for success in creating your business or personal brand video marketing.

My Top 10 List Of Marketing Lists For 2017

Forbes - Tech

Every December a deluge of marketing lists crush inboxes and dominate blogs. To help marketing departments navigate 2017 here is a compiled list of marketing lists. Freely compiled a lengthy list of data points from the last year including citations for each data point. This list contains a mix of tools, networks, and marketing strategies for any size company. This list addresses some of the changes from 2016 and includes insights into current trends heading into 2017.

MaaxMarket's latest release – Social Media Marketing


Here's top 5 reasons on why your business should use MaaxMarket Our Artificial Intelligence engine ALBY is equivalent to 100 marketing managers and our system effectively replaces the need for a large marketing team. MaaxMarket comes with built-in email marketing, social media marketing and website visitor tracking and analytics tool. It also has in-built collaboration tools and marketing calendar and everything is available in an easy to use platform. Our pricing is inclusive of all these tools put together. MaaxMarket comes with industry's first closed loop analytics.

The shift from traditional marketing to digital marketing campaigns - The Marketing Folks


In the world that is constantly changing, adaptability is a key characteristic; that should be owned by a business. Technology is growing continuously, and in order to remain moving through targeted goals, businesses need to constantly upgrade their plan as well as their marketing strategies. After the internet was introduced, there was a massive change in marketing. Businesses are no longer only using a traditional way to advertise their products or services and are shifting towards a more modern way called digital marketing. The broad scope of the internet is a great opportunity for large growth especially for businesses that upgrade their digital marketing budget.