Using data science to improve public policy


This interdisciplinary event teamed data science, engineering, and policy students to explore solutions to real societal challenges submitted by sponsor organizations. The hackathon, subtitled "Data to Decisions," was organized and run by students from MIT's Institute for Data, Systems, and Society (IDSS). Participants used datasets provided by nonprofit, education, and government institutions to pitch solutions to complex challenges in cybersecurity, health, energy and climate, transportation, and the future of work. A panel of judges evaluated the pitches and read final policy proposals. "It's a different type of hackathon in that it is focused on public policy outcomes," says Amy Umaretiya, a student organizer with IDSS's Master's program in Technology and Policy (TPP).

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Machine Learning, Big Data, And Smart Buildings: A Comprehensive Survey Machine Learning

Future buildings will offer new convenience, comfort, and efficiency possibilities to their residents. Changes will occur to the way people live as technology involves into people's lives and information processing is fully integrated into their daily living activities and objects. The future expectation of smart buildings includes making the residents' experience as easy and comfortable as possible. The massive streaming data generated and captured by smart building appliances and devices contains valuable information that needs to be mined to facilitate timely actions and better decision making. Machine learning and big data analytics will undoubtedly play a critical role to enable the delivery of such smart services. In this paper, we survey the area of smart building with a special focus on the role of techniques from machine learning and big data analytics. This survey also reviews the current trends and challenges faced in the development of smart building services.

Alaska Schools Get Faster Internet--Partly Thanks to Global Warming


Before they got down to business for the day, students in Devin Tatro's social studies class were offered a quiet moment of self-reflection: On this golden fall afternoon at Nome-Beltz Junior/Senior High School, were they feeling chipper, distressed, or somewhere in between? One by one, they selected the picture of the facial expression that best matched their mood, and with a swift click sent an answer to the teacher. She scanned the responses and made a few mental notes. Then, without missing a beat, she switched the smartboard display and launched into a multiple-choice quiz using a game-based online learning platform called Kahoot! "Tell me one thing you remember about yesterday's lesson on expansions and tax on Native Americans," Tatro said, pacing the front of the classroom. She rattled off students' responses as they popped up on the smartboard in a colorful word cloud: "Forced relocation, reduced population, disease, warfare, cultural destruction ... wow, that's a powerful term."