Collaborating Authors

Ep. 061 - Will your next job interview be conducted with artificial intelligence?


This episode could perhaps be a Bob & Kevin Show FIRST! We stayed focused on on a single topic for a full hour... and this topic is right up the BK Show alley! In episode 61 we discuss the use of artificial intelligence for the job interview process. One of the things that really caught our attention was the references to A.I. "eliminating bias and discrimination" - so you know we had to jump on that. We also found a couple videos offering advice if you are ever asked to participate in an A.I. fueled interview process.

The Google App's New Voice


If you've ever pressed the little mic in the Google app and talked to Google, you've probably heard a computer voice that talks back to you. We heard that there was a team at Google creating a new voice, and we jumped at the chance (and into the recording booth) to learn how they made it. Check out our newest episode: You can also download the Google app and try it out yourself Just like speech synthesis, this video is made via a combination of many individual talents.



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