Razer Gaming Smartphone Might Finally Be Announced On Nov. 1

International Business Times

Razer has been rumored to release its own smartphone ever since it acquired Nextbit earlier this year. Now, it looks like the company is finally ready unveil its new mobile device next month. Razer's Twitter account posted a teaser photo and a link to a new webpage asking fans to watch out for its "biggest unveiling." The link that Razer shared on Twitter brings users to a new webpage where they can sign up to receive new updates about the company's new device. Razer's tweet and new webpage are both teasing a product launch on Nov. 1.

Razer Phone 2 Review: Incredible sound, decent camera, still the #1 choice for hardcore gamers


The new Razer Phone 2 might just be the smartphone for you. Two years ago, Razer changed the game by carving out a specific niche in the mobile phone industry: an Android smartphone specifically made for gaming. After spending a number of weeks with Razer's latest gaming phone, it's clear why Razer is still the king of its domain. Let's get this upfront: the Razer Phone 2 is not for everybody. First and a foremost, it's a device made for gamers.

Razer's first phone is for gamers who want the fastest screen and loud sound


Razer's conquered PC accessories and even sells some of the sleekest and best gaming laptops ever created. And now it's finally ready to take on the smartphone world with the Razer Phone, a flagship Android phone designed specifically to be a mobile gaming and entertainment powerhouse. Though Razer is often seen as a startup because of its scrappy operations, the company's morphed into a behemoth within the last decade. An IPO looms over it, and the company is valued at as much as $5 billion. This is the company that bought THX.

Razer's first mobile device is a smartphone for gamers


After teasing a big announcement in October, Razer on Wednesday has made its first smartphone official. The Razer Phone is a device built for gamers, not gaming, according to Razer's product marketing manager, mobile business unit, Eric Lin. ZDNet spoke with Lin prior to Wednesday's announcement, where he shed some light on why Razer is entering the ultra-competitive and crowded smartphone market. Lin is a former Nextbit employee who stayed on at Razer after the company acquired the smartphone startup in January. The acquisition was the result of Nextbit and Razer already working together on the Razer Phone when the two companies decided it'd be better to join forces.