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This repository includes utilities to build and run NVIDIA Docker images. The full documentation is available on the repository wiki. A good place to start is to understand why NVIDIA Docker is needed in the first place. A signed copy of the Contributor License Agreement needs to be provided to before any change can be accepted.

Buy Nvidia because its chips will dominate the artificial intelligence market: Jefferies


Nvidia, the best-performing stock over the past year, will thrive from the artificial intelligence technology trend, according to one Wall Street analyst.

NVIDIA says it can make VR worlds sound and feel real


Tonight at NVIDIA's event in Texas, the company showed off some new tools that should help developers make VR experiences even more realistic. CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said its VR Works suite of APIs is getting a "major" upgrade, with the ability to connect haptic controllers to its Physx physics engine for more realistic feedback, and the "world's first real time physically modeled acoustic simulator." As he described it, the audio engine works on top of the optics API to help it match what you can see.

Watch NVIDIA's GeForce stream 'Mass Effect Andromeda' to Facebook


Game streaming is about to get a lot simpler for NVIDIA GeForce video card owners with the company's new integration with Facebook Live. We got a chance to see the feature in action at CES, and it works as advertised. NVIDIA reps were able to quickly shoot some footage from the much-anticipated Mass Effect Andromeda right to their Facebook timeline from their GeForce Experience app. Additionally, you'll also be able to send screen grabs and 360-degree photos from NVIDIA's Ansel app to Facebook. Your friends can rotate their phones to explore those 360-degree photos -- something Facebook has offered for a while, but it's particularly useful for observing game worlds.

NVIDIA opens up its Holodeck VR design suite


Hardware makers have figured out that enterprises are the best way to make money off of VR and AR, not consumers. NVIDIA, a company that does both things well but has been particularly strong on the business side lately, has just opened up its Holodeck "intelligent" VR platform to select designers and developers. First unveiled in May, it allows for photorealistic graphics, haptics, real-world physics and multi-user collaboration. That helps engineers and designers build and interact with photorealistic people, objects and robots in a fully simulated environment. The idea is to get new hardware prototyped in as much detail as possible before building real-world models.