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Spotify's 'Amplify' hub will highlight important issues with music


Playlists on the Amplify hub for this month range from "Icons and Influencers" (Adele, Tina Turner and Sia, to name a few) to women shaping genre and culture. There's also an "Amplify: Women of the World" playlist featuring tracks from international women artists. The streaming service is also highlighting Latina women with its "Women of Latin" initiative. Let's hope that this lands a little better than the service's tragedy-focused playlists. Though the company may have good intentions, it doesn't exactly come across well and it'd be better if Spotify just . . .

Never miss an important email again: Google is now using AI to alert you to 'high priority' messages

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Nudging - The nudging feature relies on AI flagging messages that are from a certain sender and contain specific content. The company estimates that the'nudges' feature will lead 8 per cent of business users each week to remember to follow-up on something important. High priority notifications - Gmail will use its in-built AI to flag high-priority notifications. It says this will'help you stay focused without interruption' Confidential mode - Users who enable a'confidential' option when sending an email can time-limit its access to recipients. The new setting does not override corporate email retention policies or present new obstacles to law enforcement.

20 important discoveries of 2017


The year may not quite be over, but there has been a vast and important array of discoveries made over the past months. From medical milestones to archaeological digs to new secrets of the solar system, 2017 has seen a myriad of miracles and the fruits of tireless research.

Here's an important interview with that kid who shaved his siblings' heads


Children are often adorable, but they can also be little terrors. Here to perfectly illustrate that dichotomy is the Plucknette Family, who recently went viral on Instagram after little Teddy found an electric razor and decided to give his siblings a trim. In the clip above from Jimmy Kimmel Live!, they chat through the whole saga again. And although Teddy swears he's not going to do any more trimming, the fact that he's earned his family a free trip to Disneyland probably won't help his resolve... Stephen Colbert throws water on Trump's fire extinguishing advice Showtime's'The Loudest Voice' trailer brings a brief look at the rise of Fox News Trevor Noah interviewing Stephen Colbert is as delightful as you'd expect

Survey: Majority of Imaging Leaders See Important Role for Machine Learning in Radiology


While there is much hype around machine learning and its uses in healthcare, a recent survey indicates that machine learning is not just a buzzword, as 84 percent of medical imaging professionals view the technology as being either important or extremely important in medical imaging. What's more, about 20 percent of medical imaging professionals say they have already adopted machine learning, and about one-third say they will adopt it by 2020.