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The Microsoft Graph is about to light up a new way for business users to search


In May 2017, SharePoint execs said Microsoft was working on a new search experience across Office. At Ignite this week, Microsoft officials are filling in the details about exactly what this is going to mean. At the center of the strategy is the Microsoft Graph, Microsoft's centralized application programming interface (API), formerly known as the Office 365 Unified API. The Microsoft Graph -- to which Microsoft is adding more and more endpoints -- will allow search to work for Sites, Files, People, email and documents. Microsoft's strategy is to allow business users to search from wherever they are.

4 reasons why I switched from Google to Bing


Three years ago, I switched from Google search to Bing. No longer do I Google something; I Bing it. And I haven't looked back since. Maybe you're considering doing the same, either over ire about the recent diversity-memo controversy, or some other aspect of the search giant that has rubbed you the wrong way. Here are some points to consider.

Microsoft (MSFT) Has A Billion Reasons To Care Who Buys Yahoo

International Business Times

Microsoft has billions of reasons to care about who might buy Yahoo, and it's quietly making moves to ensure the troubled web giant goes to the right company. The company's vice president of strategy and acquisitions, Peggy Johnson, is reportedly engaged in talks with a number of possible Yahoo buyers to explore the possibility of partly financing a Yahoo acquisition, in exchange for favorable treatment of an arrangement that sees Microsoft's Bing search engine providing a majority of Yahoo's desktop search engine results, according to Re/code. "Offering to help with financing is a smart move for Microsoft," BGC Partners' Colin Gillis told USA Today. "They must protect their investment." Microsoft effectively abandoned its territory in the display ad and advertising technology business over the past year, mostly because it wanted to focus more on its cloud and software interests.

Microsoft's latest surprising move just might scare Google


Some of the most powerful happenings do. Here was a blog post, discreetly placed, with seemingly anodyne intentions. It was entitled: "Microsoft Bing: The search engine that gives back." When you search on Bing, you can now give a little money to your chosen charity through a new idea called Give With Bing. Could it be that Microsoft is now rebranding its search engine so that those who don't know now realize it's a Microsoft product? Naturally, I rushed to Bing.

Google And Microsoft Agree To Crack Down On Pirate Sites

Forbes - Tech

After pressure from the British government, Google and Microsoft have agreed to make it harder to download pirated content from torrent sites. They have pledged to tweak their algorithms specifically to demote infringing content in search results, meaning that sites such as The Pirate Bay and KickAss Torrents should be that bit harder to find. Instead, legal download sites will be prioritised. Meanwhile, the search engines' autocomplete functions will also be altered to make sure that they don't highlight illegal sites. "Search engines play a vital role in helping consumers discover content online.