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Father Recalls Compound Suspect as High-Strung, Not Radical

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Prosecutors have filed no charges in response to accusations they outlined in court documents this week that children at the compound were being trained with firearms to commit school shootings. That claim came from a foster parent of one of the 11 children removed from the compound who reported the allegation to authorities.

Tennis, sailing or spying? US shuts 2 Russian compounds

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In this Thursday, Dec. 29, 2016 photo, an entrance to the grounds of a riverfront compound near Centreville, Md., that has been used by Russian Federation diplomats for years is blocked to reporters by state department personnel. As part of the move to punish Russia for its role in hacking the Democratic National Committee and influencing a United States election, President Barack Obama on Thursday announced sanctions that include shuttering the compound.

Child's Remains Recovered in New Mexico Compound Where 11 Children Found

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Officials in Clayton County, Georgia, said the boy and his father were last seen in Alabama, on Dec. 13, when they were involved in a traffic accident while traveling with five other children and two adults, KOAT-TV reported. The group told an Alabama officer, according to the report, they were headed to New Mexico on a camping trip and were later picked up in a truck registered to Morton.

3 Accused of Abuse at New Mexico Compound Await Release

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Medical examiners have yet to determine conclusively whether the body found at the site outside Amalia was that of Abdul-ghani -- the severely disabled missing son of compound resident Siraj Ibn Wahhaj. Other relatives have said or told authorities that the remains are those of Abdul-ghani.