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Knowledge work has peaked. Experience workers are the new elite


The end of the 20th century was the moment of peak knowledge worker. The most valuable asset of a 21st-century institution, whether business or non-business, will be its knowledge workers and their productivity. But Drucker got it wrong. Two trends that were barely visible back then are reshaping the 21st century enterprise. Knowledge is still important, but today it has become a commodity.

Oracle and InQuira

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Oracle has acquired InQuira, a provider of best-in-class knowledge management solutions that support web self-service, agent-assisted service, and customer communities. The combination of Oracle and InQuira is expected to further extend Oracle's leadership CRM with web self-service, customer communities and knowledge management capabilities. Together, Oracle and InQuira plan to provide customers with advanced search and a scalable knowledge management platform as a part of a comprehensive CRM solution. By adding InQuira's capabilities to Oracle's products, Oracle expects to provide customers with a complete and integrated knowledge management solution that enables companies to improve and personalize their customers' experience.

How to Give Great Customer Experiences Through Great Engineering - PROPRIUS


Even in the technology field, success depends upon delivering satisfaction to customers with a high rate of success. While some engineering jobs require nothing beyond the end result, the best engineering firms deliver end results that also please customers and ensure repeat business. These tried-and-true methods of guaranteeing customer satisfaction work well in any service-oriented field and will work well in the field of technology. Your teams of engineers only need to use these tips to bring your customers closer to complete happiness. The best way to answer a customer's questions and satisfy their desires is to demonstrate your knowledge of what they want, and then educate them about that desire.

What else can you do with your data?


There are many dynamics to getting your collaboration solution right, but ultimately it's not something you can buy for your organisation. Collaboration is something that people do...adoption is the key outcome. But how do we actually measure both these dimensions accurately? What else can you do with that data? Firstly you need to have some sophistication in how you group users for analysis.

Seven Steps To Simplifying Your Digital Transformation

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Beyond much of the hype, there is an actual movement when it comes to digital transformation. It is enabling organizations to develop new sales channels, new markets and exponentially grow opportunities in ways never before experienced. According to CIO Magazine, "Digital leaders ... generate better gross margins as well as better earnings and net income than organizations in the bottom digital quarter. Leaders post a three-year average gross margin of 55%, compared to just 37% for the laggards." Have you started the process of transforming your company, or are you just starting to consider digital transformation for your company?