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Airports Are Taking Off

U.S. News

Air travelers in Denver are treated to a solar-powered, covered parking lot, mini-golf, a nearby wildlife refuge and two on-campus commuter rail lines. In Dallas-Fort Worth, local authorities recently approved plans for a six-story, extended-stay hotel on an existing 32-acre, mixed-use commercial space that already has offices, restaurants and retail shops. In Pittsburgh, private businesses have invested several hundred million dollars for manufacturing, industrial, office and warehouse space on airport property – and aggressive efforts to bring more direct flights to Pittsburgh International Airport are attracting new types of business to this former steel town.

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The folks at Hyperloop One are one group trying to make Elon Musk's seemingly crazy idea of a levitating pod transportation system a reality. That task hasn't been without its fair share of issues, including infighting and employee lawsuits. Well, Bloomberg takes a look at the company's inner workings to provide some context for the recent headlines.

'We could feel cars crumpling'

BBC News

Passenger Chris Karnes describes the moment an Amtrak train derailed and crashed onto a highway below in Washington state.

Three Weeks in Japan by Train


Urban visited the big cities of Tokyo, Osaka, and Hiroshima, as well as Kyoto and lots of tucked-away hamlets. Once the train doors close at the beginning of the video, you plunge instantly into this temporal schism, from wondrous techno delights to scenes steeped in history.