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For Alan Dershowitz, who seems to have been having a really bad time on Martha's Vineyard. With Martha's Vineyard shunning me, Over the kids the White House stole, I thank whatever gods may be Opinion pages let me troll. When invitations don't arrive I have not winced or cried aloud. Watching my social prospects dive, My head is bloody, but unbowed. Beyond the ferry to Oak Bluffs Loom lonely days and lonely nights, Because when things start getting tough, I call my friends McCarthyites.

Wildfires Plunge Vineyard Workers, Owners Into Same Struggle

U.S. News

As the flames approached, grape pickers stopped harvesting fruit and fled for their lives. Some vineyard owners decided to stay. They spent days digging firebreaks and sleeping among their vines for safety.

Swirl and sip wine in a Paso Robles tasting room

Los Angeles Times

Why: The rolling hills around Paso Robles, once known for cattle, grain and almonds, are all about assiduously pampered grapes now, and the reputation of these vineyards and wineries keeps growing. What: More than 200 wineries dot those hills, so you could spend days tasting . The Paso Robles viticultural area is known for Bordeaux, Rhone and Zinfandel varietals. If you do a weekend, two good tasting-room bets are Halter Ranch Vineyard (20 minutes from downtown with a sleek, spacious tasting room that opened in 2016); and Derby Wine Estates, which opened in 2014 in downtown's historic and long-idle Almond Growers warehouse building (a.k.a. the Farmers' Alliance Building), built in 1922. If history is your bent, you can add a little more to the occasion by bedding down at the Paso Robles Inn (which dates to 1891).

Grape Shifters: Family Grows Vineyard Into Winery

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"In the seminars, they tell you that you either have to find or make your own market for grapes," Johnny Boucherie said. "…So when I started, I said I'll go five years picking them and throwing them in the ditch if I have to. And then if I can't find a viable market, I'll build a winery."

Emilio Estevez gets $6.35 million for home and vineyard in Malibu

Los Angeles Times

Actor-director Emilio Estevez has sold his compound in Malibu for $6.35 million in a deal completed outside the Multiple Listing Service. Tucked behind gates in the Point Dume area, the home includes a small vineyard that was previously used to produce Casa Dumetz, a wine label created by Estevez and his partner, Sonja Magdevski. Fruit orchards, garden beds, a bocce ball court and swimming pool accompany the grapevines on more than an acre of grounds. The main house, built in Mediterranean style in 2008, features limestone fireplaces, hand-painted frescoes and stained glass details throughout. Truss-beam ceilings in the living room further the home's Old World vibe.