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With Child Coming, It's off to the Suburbs for Harry, Meghan

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Windsor Castle is one of Queen Elizabeth II's favorite homes. It is surrounded by horse country where she used to ride frequently in her younger days, and she is known to prefer the castle and its environs to Buckingham Palace, her more formal official residence in central London.

Poll: Rural/urban Political Divisions Also Split the Suburbs

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UChicago Harris/AP-NORC poll: Fewer political independents live in US suburbs than in cities and rural areas.

In County's Suburbs, the Coyote Next Door Is Here to Stay

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The commission's "urban coyote" expert, wildlife biologist Angeline Scotten, came prepared with a presentation she's making more often these days in suburban neighborhoods across the state. But this was the first time anyone has held such a talk in Bloomingdale, an east Hillsborough bedroom community. County officials asked someone to come meet with residents in the area after a Seffner woman nearly lost her finger during a suspected coyote attack in late November.

The Latest: Shells rain down on Damascus from rebel suburbs

FOX News

Residents of the Syrian capital and the state-run news agency say shells from besieged rebel-held suburbs are raining down on Damascus. SANA says Tuesday's shelling killed one person and wounded at least six people. It comes amid a major government offensive on the region known as eastern Ghouta. The Syrian Civil Defense affiliated with the opposition said the shelling and airstrikes killed 98 on Monday, adding that some people were still under the rubble. A resident of Damascus hiding in the corridor of an office building described the shelling as one of the worst in months.

Rebels, civilians evacuating long-besieged Damascus suburb

Associated Press

This photo provided by the Syrian anti-government activist group Local Council of Daraya City, which has been authenticated based on its contents and other AP reporting, shows Syrian citizens gather with their belonging next of a bus, as they prepare to evacuate from Daraya, a blockaded Damascus suburb, on Friday, Aug. 26, 2016.