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How to search Google: 10 advanced tips and tricks


No matter how good you may be with Google search, there's always something new to learn given Google's constant tweaks. This perpetual state of change is most noticeable in Chrome, where Google can integrate search capabilities with its own browser. To advance your search game, or just discover hidden tips, check out these master tips. Hop into Google's time machine to see how a site looks when Google last captured it. Google's all-knowing powers reach back to the previous versions of a website.

7 things you didn’t know Google Search could do until now

USATODAY - Tech Top Stories

Google Search is much more powerful than most people know. Google is way more powerful than most people realize. Regular searches are helpful, but they don't even scratch the surface of Google's abilities. Sometimes, your basic search inquiries may not be enough or you need a tip to get the best results. Fair warning: You can't mention Google without also mentioning tracking.

Google Search's 'Recent' Feature Will Give Users Option To See Or Reject Their Older Searches

International Business Times

Google has been testing a new feature for its search app over the past two months and now it has rolled it out over the iOS and Android apps and The "Recent" tab will allow users to browse through their previous searches so they can find what they are looking for faster and easier. The feature is contextual, so you needn't be worried about going through everything you searched for -- it will group related searches together and let you compare the search results side-by-side. You will also be able to delete the search queries you consider obsolete. You can also access the feature from the navigation drawer of the Google app, Android Authority reported.

Can DuckDuckGo replace Google search while offering better privacy?

The Guardian

So is DuckDuckGo no good? Surprised you did not mention it. Following last week's article about privacy and surveillance capitalism, several readers wrote in about the absence of DuckDuckGo, and it was mentioned a dozen times in the comments. I have suggested this privacy-oriented search engine a few times since 2012, and I think it's worth a go. However, I'm answering Murray's earlier query along the same lines because I can use his email verbatim rather than cobbling together a joint question from multiple sources.

Did you meet Google Dataset Search?


These five points are important, of course, but apart from all that, if we don't have any data, we then don't have any project. If you don't know how to get it then you have nothing. And beyond this, in my previous article, I highlighted some important questions you should make yourself about source, format and necessary actions to make yourself with the data. Now…what if I told you, there's a source where you can search for thousands of datasets, and datasets only, from all around the world, in several formats and easy for you to discover and access? And who else than Google to make available something like this? Welcome to Dataset Search…the -not that new, but still in beta- Google's search engine ONLY for datasets.