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A hacker is advertising millions of stolen health records on the dark web


A hacker who claims to have obtained more than ten million health records is selling the data to the highest bidder on the dark web. The seller, who goes by the name "thedarkoverlord" began listing the data over the weekend, but could not be immediately contacted on Monday. The largest batch of data, which the seller claims to contain a little over 9.2 million health insurance records from US patients, is on sale for 750 bitcoins. The data includes names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, dates of birth and social security numbers. We couldn't verify the authenticity of the data contained in the seller's ad.

A hacker wants to sell 10 million patient records on a black market


A hacker claims to have stolen close to 10 million patient records and is selling them for about US 820,000. Over the weekend, the hacker, called thedarkoverlord, began posting the sale of the records on TheRealDeal, a black market found on the deep Web. The data includes names, addresses, dates of birth, and Social Security numbers – all of which could be used to commit identity theft or access the patient's bank accounts. These records are being sold in four separate batches. The biggest batch includes 9.3 million patient records stolen from a U.S. health insurance provider, and it went up for sale on Monday.

How a healthcare hacker is pressuring victims to pay up


That's how one hacker is trying to shake down U.S. healthcare providers after stealing sensitive data about their patients. TheDarkOverlord claims to have stolen 10 million patient records and is selling them on the black market. In the meantime, the hacker is trying to extort the providers by telling them their patient data won't be sold if they pay a ransom. At least one of the healthcare providers so far has refused to give in, TheDarkOverlord said in an interview Friday. To apply pressure, the hacker claims to have called some of its patients to warn them their records will be leaked if the provider doesn't pay up.

Has Adult FriendFinder been hacked AGAIN? Two hackers claim they've breached the database, putting 73 million users at risk

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Hackers are claiming they've tapped into the online hookup site Adult FriendFinder, gaining access to a database of 73 million users. An'underground researcher' known as Revolver or 1x0123 posted screenshots to Twitter this week revealing an alleged vulnerability in the infrastructure of the site, which is said to be the'world's largest sex and swinger community.' And according to Motherboard, a second hacker who goes by'Peace' has also breached the database. The site previously suffered a massive hack in 2015, and security experts warn this could be a'complete end-to-end compromise,' with potential to expose millions of users and leak employees' personal information. Hackers are claiming they've tapped into the online hookup site Adult FriendFinder, gaining access to a database of millions of users – again.

Why artificial intelligence is needed to prevent cyber attacks


Original article As Halloween approaches, the usual spate of horror movies will intrigue audiences across the US, replete with slashers named Jason or Freddie running amuck in the corridors of all-too-easily accessible hospitals. They grab a hospital gown and the zombies fit right in. While this is just a movie you can turn off, the real horror of patient data theft can follow you. Unfortunately, this scenario is similar to how data thefts often occur at medical facilities. In 2015, the healthcare industry was one of the top three industries hit with serious data breaches and major attacks, along with government and manufacturers.