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Ibn Sina Google doodle: Why is a Persian polymath appearing to searchers in the UK?

The Independent - Tech

Google users in the UK might have been surprised to have been greeted by Ibn Sina as they went about their searching this morning. But Avicenna, as he is often known in the west, made significant contributions in a range of topics: from medicine to astronomy. And each of them flowed over, out of Persia and the Islamic Golden Age and into our modern day understanding of the world. The geographical distribution of the doodle is a little strange: it appears in the UK, but none of the countries near it, and Google's map of where the doodle is showing only sometimes appears to include Britain. On the other hand, it does not appear in Iran – the area where Ibn Sina lived for most of his life Google doesn't offer its search engine – or in Uzbekistan, the place where he was born.

ProBeat: Google Meet is the new Google+


Ever since rebranding Google Hangouts Meet in early April, Google has been on a Google Meet blitz. The onslaught began less than three months ago, and yet it feels like it's been years. Maybe that's because Google has made so many announcements that it's hard to keep track, or maybe it's because time in the age of coronavirus is strange. In any case, the timing is no coincidence: Google Meet is clearly a direct response to Zoom, which during the pandemic … oh, what's the sense of repeating it, you already know. Google has been adding features and sticking Meet everywhere it can, almost as if the company's very existence depended on it.

HTC launches its VR app store Viveport globally, says it will accept apps from other stores


Google combines all of its cloud services under the'Google Cloud' brand -- Google for Work, Google's Cloud Platform and the rest of the company's cloud-based services are getting a new name. They have now been combined under the "Google Cloud" moniker. Google's Diane Greene made the announcement … Google changes'Google Apps for Work' to'G Suite,' adds more machine intelligence features Daniel Bader / Android Central: Daily brief: Android Weariness, Google Maps listens, and what the heck is LeEco? Jordan Novet / VentureBeat: Google reorganizes cloud services under new'Google Cloud' brand Stephanie Condon / ZDNet: Google announces tools to'democratize' machine learning Barb Darrow / @gigabarb: Honest to God, WHY did this take so long? Brett Crosby / @brettc: Ha, can't tell you how many times we tried to push the Google Cloud brand and got shut down.

Spinner: Google jumps on fidget spinner fad with playable Easter egg

The Independent - Tech

Google has jumped on the fidget spinner bandwagon, and has hidden a virtual one inside its search engine. The toy enjoyed a remarkable rise in popularity earlier this year, thanks to its simplicity and addictiveness. If you don't know what all of the fuss is about, you can take a spin on a digital version, by searching for "spinner" on Google. Google Doodle celebrates Nasa's discovery of seven earth-sized exoplanets in new solar system Google celebrates Walter Cronkite's 100th birthday Google celebrates William Morris' 182 birthday with a doodle showcasing his most famous designs Googlle celebrates St Patrick's Day on 17 March Google marks Caroline Herschel's 266th birthday Google celebrates Clara Rockmore's 105th birthday Google marks St David's Day Google celebrates Valentine's Day with a romantic Doodle Google celebrate Dmitri Mendeleev's 182nd birthday Google Doodle celebrates 90 years since the first demonstration of television or "the televisor" to the public Google marks Sophie Taeuber-Arp's 127th birthday Google marks St Andrew's Day with doodle featuring Scotland's flag and Loch Ness monster Google marks the 41st anniversary of the discovery of'Lucy', the name given to a collection of fossilised bones that once made up the skeleton of a hominid from the Australopithecus afarensis species, who lived in Ethiopia 3.2 million years ago Google marks George Boole's 200th birthday Google celebrates Halloween using an interactive doodle game "Global Candy Cup" It works on desktop and mobile and across different browsers, including Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Once you hit enter, a large green-and-yellow spinner graphic will appear below the search bar.