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Google Brings AI, Voice and Imaging to Raspberry Pi


The introduction of Google's do-it-yourself kit has a gentle introduction to learning about artificial intelligence and Google has already come out with two separate projects to support this idea. The first one, known as the AIY Voice Kit is a voice recognition kit for Raspberry Pi. It includes the following: same VoiceHAT (Hardware Accessory on Top), mic board, speaker, components, connectors and cardboard form. To add depth to the technology, the Google Assistant SDK is configured to bring hot word detection, voice control, natural language learning, Google smarts and many more to the kit. It's not restricted to just that, however as the user is able to extend the voice kit by implementing additional vocabularies using TensorFlow.

Google voice recognition could transcribe doctor visits


Doctors work long hours, and a disturbingly large part of that is documenting patient visits -- one study indicates that they spend 6 hours of an 11-hour day making sure their records are up to snuff. But how do you streamline that work without hiring an army of note takers? Google Brain and Stanford think voice recognition is the answer. They recently partnered on a study that used automatic speech recognition (similar to what you'd find in Google Assistant or Google Translate) to transcribe both doctors and patients during a session.

Voice Hackers Will Soon Be Talking Their Way Into Your Technology

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Voice-activated technology is so vulnerable to attack that users should immediately disable speech recognition on all their devices, a security researcher at AVG has warned. Yuval Ben-Itzhak, chief technology officer at the anti-virus company, has carried out several experiments which revealed the new techniques hackers might use to gain control of voice-controlled devices. He made the ominous prediction that a "thief outside the door" could take control of gadgets such as smart televisions or laptops from outside a target's home, potentially burgling them without even smashing a window. The vulnerability of technology which uses voice commands is likely to become an important issue in the coming years, as smartwatches and connected home devices grow in popularity and the technology becomes commonplace. His warning presages a future where voice hackers use recorded or synthesized speech commands to bypass security mechanisms.

Twilio adds Google's speech recognition to its voice platform


Twilio is making it easier for developers to build applications that react to what people say during phone calls with a new feature announced Wednesday. The company's Automated Speech Recognition beta will take a caller's speech and turn it into text. Twilio's technology hands the text off to developers so their systems can respond to what people say, rather than requiring customers to navigate menus using phone keypads. It's a move by the company to expand the value of its voice tools for developers by adding a layer of machine intelligence over existing support for sending phone calls and texts using code. Automated Speech Recognition uses Google's Cloud Speech API to handle 89 different languages and dialects, including Spanish, French, and Mandarin.

Google, Raspberry Pi team up for AI DIY kit, Voice HAT - SlashGear


Although initially intended to help teach kids and adults alike the workings of a computer, the Raspberry Pi has long shed off its educational roots. The single-board computer (SBC) is now the most popular cornerstone for all sorts of DIY projects, from gaming emulators to the new Internet of Things. Jumping on that bandwagon, Google has teamed up with the Raspberry Pi Foundation to build RPi-compatible kits that will take users on a journey of AI discovery, starting with a Voice Kit. The Raspberry Pi is already being used for many AI experiments but most of those revolve around physical controls, be it keyboard or touch screen. Google says those are so 2000s, Voice is the new black, so to speak, and Google is only too happy to get you started on that path.