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Celebrate Star Wars Day with a big saving


TL;DR: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is on sale for £29.99 on Amazon, saving you 21% on list price. This is a special day for fans of Star Wars, and everyone will have a different way of celebrating. Some dedicated followers will be rewatching all of the movies and shows from the franchise, and others will be shopping for new merchandise. There is some good news for anyone falling into the second category, as we have a deal that may be of interest. The latest Star Wars game is now on sale, so you can celebrate with a big saving.

Amazon sale drops the price of a Kindle to $60


Need an e-reader to get through pandemic lockdowns? Now's a good time to get one. Amazon is running a sale on the standard Kindle that drops the price of the Special Offers version to $60, or $30 below its usual price. That's similar to historic lows, and there hasn't been a drop this steep since January. You can get the ad-free model for $80 if you'd rather not sully your lockscreen.

Amazon announces a special forum just for car enthusiasts


Amazon has launched Amazon Vehicles, a special "automotive community" meant for users to research information about their vehicles while shopping for vehicles, parts and accessories. The key word here is "shopping." It's essentially an online destination to chat about cars and buy new parts when you need or want them. In addition to checking out parts and information on vehicles like videos, reviews, images and specs customers can chat with other members of the community and ask their burning vehicle questions. It's meant as an "extension" of the pre-existing Amazon Automotive store, where you can already purchase vehicles, tires, parts and various other pieces of cars you might need.

5 ways to find incredible Amazon deals from Warehouse to coupons and rebates

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If you're an Amazon Prime member there's a ton of perks you probably aren't tapping into from Whole Foods discounts to free e-books. You could shop on Amazon for years without discovering special bargains and price cuts. For shoppers, Amazon is the ultimate rabbit hole. You can search for one item, but then you see another item and another, and soon you're careening through a maze of products and deals. All you wanted was a new robe, and 10 minutes later you're wondering if there's enough room in the pantry for a fondue warmer.