John Legend is one of six new Google Assistant voices


At the annual I/O developers conference on Tuesday, Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced that users now have six additional options for their Assistant's voice, one of which is that of famed singer/songwriter John Legend. The new voices arrive thanks to the company's work with Wavenet technology over the last year. They'll be available for both mobile and the Google Home beginning later today. Click here to catch up on the latest news from Google I/O 2018!

How to check your Google Assistant history


With just a few clicks it's possible to delve into the history of your Google Assistant to see all the commands you've issued, the replies it's given, and hear audio recordings of exactly what it heard. Here's how to do it. Via the Google Home app: Open Google Home and click on the hamburger icon (the three horizontal lines in the top left). In the drop-down list, click on "My Activity" and you'll soon see a list of all the interactions you've had with Google Assistant. Click on the plus button under the search bar and choose the filter for Google Assistant.

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Carnegie Mellon's No-Limit Texas Hold'em software made short work of four of the world's best professional poker players in Pittsburgh at the grueling "Brains vs. Artificial Intelligence" poker tournament. Poker now joins chess, Jeopardy, go, and many other games at which programs outplay people. But poker is different from all the others in one big way: players have to guess based on partial, or "imperfect" information. One of the most annoying things about Android has long been the custom skins that manufacturers would slap on top of the operating system. Things have gotten better in recent years, but plenty of users would be happier using Android as Google intended.

Google Assistant rolls out Routines


Google has begun rolling out Routines, a new feature of Google Assistant that allows users to string together a number of actions with a single phrase. There are six routines in the initial roll out: "Good morning," "Bedtime," Leaving home," "I'm, home," Commuting to work," and Commuting home." . To use them, go into the Google Home app, click the "hamburger" menu icon (the three horizontal bars in the top right), scroll down and click "more settings." Inside the services group, you should find Routines. If not, you'll need to update the app.

Google makes AI easy as (Raspberry) Pi with new DIY Google Assistant kits


Google's do-it-yourself AIY kits released last year are already a great way to learn the ins and outs of designing a smart home speaker powered by Google Assistant, but they always came with a caveat: You needed to bring your own Raspberry Pi to the party. But with an update available today, Google is giving you everything you need right in the box. Once again available in two flavors, Voice and Vision, Google's new kits are a one-stop solution for building the next-generation of AI devices, and include a Raspberry Pi Zero WH, micro USB connection cable, and pre-provisioned SD card. Each kit also comes with the appropriate hardware you'll need to get your smart device up and running: Google's AIY Voice Kit includes everything you need to make a smart speaker. Google's AIY Vision Kit includes everything you need to make a smart camera.