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Yuneec's Mantis Q drone packs 4K and voice control for $500


DJI's Spark isn't the only game in town if you want a small, relatively powerful drone with a semi-reasonable price tag. Yuneec has launched US pre-orders for the Mantis Q, a robotic flier that blurs the lines between'budget' drones like the Spark and higher-end counterparts like the Mavic Air. For $500, you're mostly getting technology that would normally require a much costlier outlay, including 4K video recording, infrared- and sonar-based indoor stabilization, and foldable arms that make it easy to shove in a backpack. There are even relatively rare features like voice control, face detection, a 44MPH top speed and a comparatively lengthy 33-minute flight time. You're also looking at a vertical-only camera gimbal that won't please dedicated drone cinematographers.

A praying mantis could teach robots a thing or two about 3D machine vision


What's the best way to teach a robot or drone to see in 3D? Quite possibly, the answer is to teach it to think like an insect. A praying mantis, to be more specific. A team at the Institute of Neuroscience at Newcastle University recently studied the stereoscopic vision of the praying mantis and found that its approach to depth perception is quite different than ours. And what do you need to study praying mantises' 3D vision? The team, led by behavioral ecologist Dr. Vivek Nityananda, discovered that mantis 3D vision works differently from all previously known forms of biological 3D vision.

Helping Advertisers Avoid Common Pitfalls in Video Ad Placement, MANTIS-AI Rapidly Detects Inappropriate and Unfavorable Content


Over the past few years, the advancement in technology and change in consumer behavior have resulted in a new media landscape for content delivery. Advertising in online video publishing sites, like YouTube, Facebook, and SnapChat has completely changed the definitions of and approaches to video advertising. Online video advertising has become a massive tide in the marketplace creating new opportunities for marketers to better connect and engage with their target audience across video platforms. Even though the popularity of video advertising is skyrocketing, there lies a serious problem advertisers face with online brand-safety, especially with confirmed reports about major global advertisers pulling campaigns out of social media and online video publishing sites. To address these challenges, MANTIS-AI was founded in 2017.

'Ninjabot' Reveals the Mantis Shrimp's Wily Snail-Hunting Scheme


The mantis shrimp is neither a mantis nor a shrimp, but it does wield perhaps the most stunning strike in the animal kingdom. Sitting below its face are two hammers, which the crustacean cocks back and launches at its prey with such speed that it shatters snail shells and tears crabs' limbs right of their bodies. These things are ornery, and will even fight a human given the chance. For the mantis shrimp, the only tool they have is a hammer, and all the world looks like a nail. Because like any good scrapper, this critter can't just throw punches willy nilly--it's got to strategize.