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Artificial Neural Networks tutorial - theory & applications


This course aims to simplify concepts of Artificial Neural Network (ANN). ANN mimics the process of thinking. Using it's inherent structure, ANN can solve multitude of problem like binary classifications problem, multi level classification problem etc.

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It is a 32 hrs instructor led machine learning training provided by Intellipaat which is completely aligned with industry standards and certification bodies. If you've enjoyed this machine learning training, Like us and Subscribe to our channel for more similar machine learning videos and free tutorials. Ask us in the comment section below. Machine learning is one of the fastest growing arms of the domain of artificial intelligence. It has far reaching consequences and in the next couple of years we will be seeing every industry deploying the principles of artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning technologies at scale.

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This Neural Network tutorial will help you understand what is a neural network, how a neural network works, what can the neural network do, types of neural network and a usecase implementation on how to classify between photos of dogs and cats. Deep Learning uses advanced computing power and special types of neural networks and applies them to large amounts of data to learn, understand, and identify complicated patterns. Automatic language translation and medical diagnoses are examples of deep learning. Most deep learning methods involve artificial neural networks, modeling how our brains work. Neural networks are built on Machine Learning algorithms to create an advanced computation model that works much like the human brain.

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This was inspired by a bright high school student that emailed me for advice about his interest in deep learning. I've been trying to find good resources for deep learning, but the field does seem rather cryptic and a bit technically prohibitive for me at this point. If you wouldn't mind, I had a couple of questions I'd love to ask you about learning deep learning: A: Your assessment that most deep learning resources are either too brief or too mathematical is spot-on! My partner Jeremy Howard and I feel the same way, and we are working to create more practical resources. We will soon be producing a MOOC based on the in-person course we taught this autumn in collaboration with the Data Institute at USF.


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Negation plays a significant role in spoken and written natural languages. Negation is used in language to deny something or to reverse the polarity or the sense of a statement. This paper presents a novel approach to automatically handling negation in tutorial dialogues using deep learning methods. In particular, we explored various Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) models to automatically detect negation focus, scope and cue in tutorial dialogues collected from experiments with actual students interacting with the state-of-the-art intelligent tutoring system, DeepTutor. The results obtained are promising.