The best video editing software: Reviews, buying advice, and more


Video editing software ranges from free versions that are pretty bare-bones to feature-packed prosumer versions. Indeed, they vary as much as the reasons why people take up video editing--whether to make home videos, to become YouTube stars, to create VR experiences, and more. Most video editing software for consumers and mainstream users is best used for one or another of these specific functions, but there are a few generalists out there, too. For this roundup we'll first be looking at the middle ground: Paid consumer video editing programs that cost $80 or less. Whatever your purpose, you should be able to find consumer software for less than $100 that can meet your needs.

The best video-editing apps


On top of incredible free products like Blackmagic's DaVinci Resolve, pros can get more power than ever with Adobe Premiere Pro CC or Final Cut Pro X. Choosing the right one, however, is a crucial decision, not least because modern editing apps can take time to master. To wit, this guide can help you find the best app for your needs. Editing apps can be simple or complex, but all usually have four elements: cutting, color correction, effects and audio tools. How advanced they are depends a lot (but not completely) on the price of the software. Let's look at those tools separately.

25 tools to streamline YouTube SEO optimization - Search Engine Land


With video streaming services and social media platforms reporting large amounts of traffic, videos are slowly but surely moving front and center as the most popular form of online content. Plus, they are made more accessible by the widespread use of mobile devices and the growing average speed of Internet connectivity. Look no further than sites like Twitch and YouTube to understand how powerful videos can be at keeping people glued to their screens. As a matter of fact, according to YouTube, U.S. residents aged 18-34 watch more videos on mobile devices than they do on any TV broadcast or cable network. Bearing this in mind, performing video optimization has never been as important as it is today. To get more eyeballs looking at your videos, you must do your best to ensure that people can find your videos online and that they choose to watch your video over the vast pool of competition -- something that was covered in the YouTube SEO 101 post. Getting yourself noticed on YouTube can be quite a daunting challenge, but in this post, we've rounded up some of the best tools that can help you optimize your YouTube videos for SEO. Without further ado, let's get started! One of the most crucial parts of producing videos is getting everything ready even before the camera starts rolling.

How to Find the Right Music for Your Video Using Deep Learning


Assume that you have a custom video and you want a soundtrack for some scenes in it. This method describes how to link together action, text, and music via digital fingerprinting technology. In this article, I'm going to present a possible method that can give you an answer on how to choose background music for videos. No matter what you do: a blog for your Youtube channel or amateur cinema for movie competition, or maybe you run a professional production studio, or you are a game developer and you need to find a soundtrack for your gameplay -- in any case, good music will increase the value of your video. This method describes how to pick music for a video using machine learning.

Final Cut Pro X review: A great prosumer video editor that some pros will like, too


The Mac-exclusive Final Cut Pro X is the very definition of a prosumer video editing program. Descended from a much more expensive professional tool, it attempts to bridge the gap between consumers who want something powerful but easy and affordable, and professionals who can't bear to lose a single piece of functionality.